Need to Improve Patient Environment?
We Prescribe Digital Signage

In addition to the quality of the healthcare and the skill of the healthcare providers, environment can also have a significant impact on your patients’ experience and healing. It’s also one of the most overlooked aspects of a successful medical practice. Lowering perceived wait time, providing easy access to clinic information and even incorporating soothing audio and images can help you create an atmosphere oriented around patient care and recovery.

With our help, your healthcare facility will have a customized, scalable digital signage solution that provides engaging and therapeutic HD content directly to your patients, care providers and other support personnel.

Are You Looking To

Promote a restful, therapeutic environment for your patients and healthcare providers?

Lower perceived wait time and increase positive patient experiences?

Assist patients and healthcare providers with wayfinding when visiting your healthcare facility?

Provide vital informational and motivational content to patients, healthcare providers and additional support personnel?

How YCD Can Help

  • Assist in crafting a patient experience that is restful through smart digital signage solution design
  • Incorporate fully-immersive and dynamic content to patients to lower perceived wait time and assist with wayfinding
  • Design and help implement a scalable digital signage solution that can meet your needs and grow with them as necessary
  • Integrate our flagship software suite Cnario, to ensure your content is delivered seamlessly in high-definition

Did You Know?

Digital signage can reduce perceived wait time by as much as 35%! When used in a healthcare setting reduced perceived wait time can help lower patient anxiety while keeping them informed for an overall improvement in their healthcare experience.

YCD Gets The Job Done

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What You Can Expect

  • WESTMED utilized 22 HD video walls in their Westchester Ridge Hill Facility’s main office and corridors to broadcast visual and audio footage to create a peaceful ambiance for patients
  • Moscow’s Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons with Cerebral Palsy integrated 10 digital signage displays in their rehab center and connected patients with entertainment content like news and other live broadcasts
  • Both WESTMED and Moscow’s Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons with Cerebral Palsy used their medical systems to provide additional informational content, and alerts to healthcare providers, patients and support personnel