Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform

YCD RAMP is a content management and distribution tool.
A web based platform for in store campaign management.
YCD is a leading smart digital signage solutions provider since 1999

why ramp?

Simple, fast and
Ensure 100% compliance
to corporate brand
Customize regional and
local store promotions

RAMP Features

  • Marketing terminology: Product, Clip, Campaign.
  • Multi-tier management: Corporate, Regional, Local.
    Approval process support.
  • Support two different scheduling modes:
    Campaign mode & Clip mode.
  • Clip-based proof-of-play reporting.


RAMP Media Player

The RAMP Media Player is a 4K media player purpose built for the RAMP environment. Standard capacity 32GB Internal storage.

RAMP Advance Media Player

The RAMP Advance Media Player is a 4K media player purpose built for the RAMP environment. Large capacity 64GB Internal storage.

RAMP Benefits

  • Specially dsigned for retail marketing.
  • Easy to use – end user oriented.
  • Digital menu board management.
  • Play on OS platform.


Increase consumer
awareness of product

Create opportunities for
suggestive selling

Provide a positive
customer experience


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