WESTMED, a multi-specialty group medical practice, wanted to fill an expansive space with signage that was engaging, calming and informative for their patients.

YCD Multimedia was called in to strategize and design an efficient high-quality digital signage solution that would meet WESTMED’s goals.

WESTMED immediately observed an improvement in patient experience, due to their ability to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.



WESTMED Medical Group is a multi-specialty group medical practice with headquarters in Purchase, NY. It is staffed by a team of more than 220 physicians dedicated to providing coordinated quality patient care at nine locations in central and lower Westchester County.

A restful and pleasant ambient environment can be key to patient recovery and comfort, which is why WESTMED was searching for a way to create just such an environment throughout their large medical center. Having decided that digital signage was the way they wanted to go, WESTMED reached out to YCD Multimedia to create a digital signage solution that would accomplish their patient care goals.  Above all, WESTMED needed a scalable solution that was easy to update and cost-effective.

After considering the size of the space that needed to be populated, YCD Multimedia created a video wall system comprised of more than 70 Samsung thin LED displays in the office’s two main 300 foot long corridors and the second floor entrance check-in lobby. While the physical install was being completed, ESSENTIALCOM worked on creating high-definition content that was also being created to run on the new digital signage displays.  This content included ambient video clips of nature, landscapes, information about certain WESTMED programs and services, and even personal pictures taken by employees and patients.

To run the content, YCD Multimedia used their very own powerful digital signage software suite, Cnario.  It completely handled content distributions and management while providing better than broadcast quality playback in any shape, size and resolution.  Once hardware and software was ready to be combined, ESSENTIALCOM and YCD Multimedia collaborated to get the system completely integrated and ready for final launch.

Once the launch was complete, Simeon Schwartz, MD, president and CEO of WESTMED Medical Group, noticed immediate improvement saying, “The video walls have already improved patient experience, creating a calm and welcoming environment in waiting rooms and corridors throughout the facility.” With the new system in place, WESTMED patients experience less anxiety and a decreased perceived wait time leading to a more positive, calming experience while receiving top notch medical care. 


Simeon Schwartz, MD

President and CEO of WESTMED Medical Group

The video walls have already improved patient experience, creating a calm and welcoming environment in waiting rooms and corridors throughout the facility.” 

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