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YCD is committed to provide excellent digital signage solutions using a strong network of partners. We value integrity in b  usiness and will support our partners in growing their sales and turning their customers into advocates.


When you join YCD partner program, you know that each opportunity will be dealt with the best of its kind approach until a successful sale and deployment is achieved.


Innovation is at the center of our strategy. By joining our ecosystem, you will have a unique opportunity to sell award-winning Digital Signage solutions to your customers.

What can you expect from YCD?


Our staff are experts in the digital customer experience. We have acquired this knowledge and know-how in the past 20 years.


We provide the most cutting-edge technology that enables the most immersive digital experience.


We have been serving tech-oriented companies and leading retail brands for two decades.


We take image quality to the next level. When you choose YCD technology, you are guaranteed to provide your customers with the highest quality images on any screen.

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