YCD Insight

A tool that enables retail leaders to analyze their audience.

This cutting-edge tool provides real-time demographic data on your audience and enhance
your ability to suit the marketing message to specific segments at specific time.

Together with YCD CMS, you can now adjust your marketing message in real time
to the right audience!

YCD INSIGHT is 100% compliant with GDPR

why YCD insight?

Simple, fast and
Ensure 100% compliance
to corporate brand
Customize regional and
local store promotions

How YCD insight works?


Face detection analytics analyze camera feed and retrieve information of Age, Gender, Viewing attention (Gaze time) and Presence (Dwell Time). This data can be access in real-time, for example changing commercials per pre-define settings. The data is also being collected in YCD INSIGHT portal for statistical graphs and analysis.


Traffic counts analytics analyze camera feed and count people walking in and out from an entrance, how many people are in a specific area (Queue count) and how long have they been there (Queue time). The data is being collected in YCD INSIGHT portal for statistical graphs and analysis.

Easy Set-up & Access

YCD INSIGHT hardware is a small video processing unit that analyzes hi-resolution video streams from one or two Mini Cams. YCD INSIGHT hardware uses Digital Signal processing (DSP) technology to achieve a small foot print, reduced power consumption and stability. The Mini cameras connect to the SmartBox using a Coax cable, or via a CAT-5 cable that delivers power to the camera which can be placed up to 30 Meters away.


Data is collected into a cloud base solution. Using browser, users can access into the portal, viewing graphs and data tables of their devices per time/areas etc. Customers can also extract raw data using web services commands from the portal.

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