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Sneak Peek: The Brand New Cnario User Interface
The Cnario Platform has been ahead of the market for many years in its unique ability to handle multi display digital signage. Our coming release not only improves upon these capabilities but will also feature a new look and a more intuitive interface without losing any of the robust experience
How to Use Layering & Transparency for Stunning Visual Impact
What are layering and transparency; and why do they matter in digital signage?
Learn how to use these concepts to achieve the greatest visual impact. Whether you are new to content creation or a seasoned professional, this webinar offers a new perspective and new approach to these important tools.
ReadySeeGo: A Digital Signage Solution for the Times Ahead
The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for effective and accurate communication.
Relevant and up-to-date information is essential to assist in keeping businesses safe, and reducing anxiety for staff, customers and the public.

Creating an Engaging and Efficient Video Wall
How to create the most engaging and efficient video wall for your deployment.
Learn how the trend toward multi-display and LED signage is changing video wall planning, hear customer success stories, and receive helpful tools and resources.

In Sync: Best Practices for Content Playback Synchronization
Multi-screen synchronization can be challenging, over time many have accepted that perfect synchronization is ultimately not achievable. Learn how to use best practices to dispel those myths and achieve perfect synchronization across multiple displays creating a truly unforgettable digital signage experience.
Moving Along: Trends for Digital Signage in Public Spaces
The way we look at and gather in public spaces has changed dramatically over the last year.
We will look at trends and solutions for effective digital communication in public spaces. From single screen, to multi-display, DOOH, and kiosks, digital signage allows for enormous agility in public communications.
The Power of Integration: Using API's to Create Stunning Visual Content
The demands on digital signage have driven the need for integration among multiple sources to create compelling and eye-catching content.
The resulting experience must seamlessly integrate to ensure a truly impactful experience for the audience. 

Video Wall Bundles: Making Exceptional Signage Easy to Procure
Planar and YCD have teamed up to offer several remarkable Complete Video Wall Packages now available through TechData.
With bundles to meet every business need, these solution packages take the guess work out of video wall deployments.

The YCD Challenge

We are thrilled to announce The YCD Challenge!

The YCD Challenge is looking for your most difficult project. Our experts love a challenge and can turn it into a success story.

Are you ready to:

  • Untangle the mess?
  • Get innovative solutions?
  • Achieve amazing results?

In 25 years of tackling tough projects, we’ve learned a thing or two. Let’s put that experience to work on YOUR challenge!

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