Realms of an Extraordinary Digital Signage Experience - Creating a fan experience that will have them raving

Posted on: September 26, 2022
By: YCD Multimedia

Whether your Team Targaryen, or you go for House Stark or Lannister, experiencing the mythical world of Westeros, the Targaryen Dynasty, and the dragons is nothing short of extraordinary. What makes this series come alive is the beautiful balance of entertainment, escapism, education, and the esthetic.

Consider how emerging technologies inspire new genres of experience. Platforms like our Cnario, allow for more dynamic interactive and immersive experiences. The experience economy has taught us that commodities are replaceable, goods are tangible, services are intangible, but experiences are memorable. Viewers of House of Dragons, like consumers, desire this fully integrated experience from all four of the Realms of an Experience.

Designing an extraordinary experience is based on two key qualities – customer participation and connection. With customer participation they can be passively involved, or actively involved.

Since the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros love their wine, we’ll use that as an example. An example of passive participation would be visiting a winery or partaking in a wine tasting. Active participation would involve learning about wine, and or participating in making wine.

Let’s break down the Four (4) Realms of building an extraordinary experience. The first of the 4 Realms is Educational. An example of an educational experience would be like reading George R.R. Martins’ Fire & Blood book. Another part of the Realm is Escapist, we’ll liken that to attending the convention in full cosplay as your favorite character. The third Realm is Esthetic, which would be like attending a Game of Thrones convention. The last Realm involves the Entertainment and that’s like watching House of Dragons from home.

The Entertainment and Educational Realms absorbs participants, while the Esthetic and Escapist Realms immerse their participants. The sweet spot lies somewhere in the middle of all the Realms, and that’s where you get the most memorable experience of all.

So how do we begin to design an experience that can produce that type of memory? Content creators help in theming the experience with rich visuals.

Let’s visualize this… Maybe we show the Iron Throne made of over a thousand swords. We allow participants to sit in it and take selfies. Take that a step further and bring in audio. The show’s theme song from Ramin Djawadi, “The Prince That Was Promised”, brings chills down the spine and offers us a sense of the intense dynamics of the series.

Next we add in cues to support the theme. Costumes, and set work play a big part with the look. Add in the fire breathing dragon, Syrax, and we’ve got an extraordinary experience brewing. This could be a triggered experience, say once someone has sat on the Iron Throne for a few seconds, heard the theme music, and then… cue the dragon. It appears as a silhouette from a distance on a large digital canvas flapping its wings and vocalizing its imminent arrival. These visuals supported by audio are what will cause participants to recall this experience. We could layer on scents as well to engage the senses even further. Perhaps initially, the smell of merlot, combined with a fragrant garden, and when the dragon enters, a bit of smoke and fire to singe the nostrils.

If we’ve painted you a vivid mental picture of the House of Dragons, then we’ve started you on an incredible customer journey. One we hope you’ll allow us to collaborate on with the help of our amazing digital signage platform, Cnario. Learn more about how Cnario can assist with the creation, management, monitoring, and show control of this digital signage network.

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