Bringing Brilliance into Corporate Lobbies

Posted on: March 24, 2023
By: YCD Multimedia

One of the important parts of your office is the lobby. Your lobby speaks volumes about your business, what it represents, and who you are in your industry.

Other than the front doors, the lobby is the first and last place your visitors see and experience while they are there. This will put your company in a strong position in the customers journey because it can both set the tone for the interaction that day and serve as the last touchpoint to ensure that your customers remember your brand long after they leave.

We know that technology serves as an important aspect of every business. Brands are utilizing technology and interior design to create a distinctive workplace greeting experience to maximize first impressions for clients.

How to Elevate Your Lobby

Lobby experiences can be in different shapes – or sizes, depending on your location. You can consider large videowalls or other displays that create the desired ambiance. All it takes is a big imagination and creativity.

Elevating your lobby with distinctive features can help multi-family and office buildings entice and entertain visitors and assist companies in driving business from the first impression, and beyond.

Here are some ways to elevate your lobby:

  1. Welcome guests by name with personalized digital signage

This is a terrific method to enhance the touchpoint if your lobby already has digital signage. With Cnario, you can add VIP guest names into a branded template that can welcome your guests and set the tone. The best part about this is that the text can be pre- programmed in advance and scheduled for easy distribution at the preferred time and date.

  1. Interactive catalog where visitors can explore

Because your lobby act as your waiting and entertaining space, you can place your company’s catalog where guests can easily explore or browse. By making self-guided interactive display features accessible, you can give customers something interesting to do while they wait which now turns their wait time into a unique brand touchpoint.

Additionally, it is also a good way for sales teams to be a part of the interactive experience as they promote the business.

  1. Interactive directories to guide visitors

With the help of strategically placed wayfinding signage in the reception areas, visitors can easily navigate to reach office suites, restrooms, or other amenities like pools, restaurants, and conference centers easily. With Cnario, visitors can utilize interactive touchscreens and digital signage displays with responsive content in real-time.

  1. Visuals that provides information and updates about your business

Videowalls and signages can be fed with data from your company’s everyday operations, including weather, traffic, building occupancy, noise levels, and just about any other data set you might imagine that is relevant to your business. This makes the visuals more dynamic and keeps visitors’ attention for a longer period.

Remember that your lobbies don’t have to be simple. Use the building architecture to make an impact and build a memorable experience for everyone who enters. Cnario knows no bounds, and you are free to create in “any K” with pixel perfect playback.

Creating the Brilliance of Your lobby

Cnario can bring brilliance into your lobby. Our suite can tailor your content, automate your display, and even update your content on the fly to keep your visitors entertained while waiting in your lobby.

With Cnario, you will have the ability to welcome your guests, provide beautiful visual canvasses, have interactive directories and so much more.

Aside from the ability to program and control, the displays can provide visitors with assistance which is possible with Cnario. We can help create:

  • Digital welcome walls
  • Wayfinding signages
  • Interactive Displays with your brand story
  • Donor walls – hospitals, universities, and museums
  • Interactive sales tool for real estate companies

Some of the notable companies that are powered by Cnario are:

With Cnario, you’ll get a powerful content management platform with all the amenities needed to grow and scale your organization and make content management a snap. Let’s work together to make your lobby brilliant!

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