Cinema &

Curtains Up On a Totally Unique Customer Experience

Why not put yourself ahead of the curve? Cinemas and other entertainment venues are moving more and more toward incorporating digital content into their onsite customer experiences. We can put you at the forefront of the next big innovation by using digital signage solutions to make your brand messaging experience interactive, dynamic and fully immersive. That means from the moment your customers and guests walk through the door, you can engage them, by utilizing compelling content that transforms first-time customers into repeat business. And the best part is, we’ll do all the heavy lifting, making it easy for you to make digital signage work for you.

Sound impossible? Not in the slightest! You can transform your venue or cinema lobby for example, with dynamic audio and 360-degree visual content for a truly unique experience. With complete solutions starting from concept and ideation through deployment and management, we’ll help you enhance the messaging you provide for immediate bottom line results.

Are You Looking To

Increase visibility of membership loyalty programs and promotional content?

Encourage return visits and build customer and brand loyalty?

Transform entertainment and lobby spaces to increase customer satisfaction and decrease perceived wait time?

Drive customer traffic to specific locations to increase ad and concession revenue?

Enhance the overall customer experience

Save more on signage and promotional costs while obtaining more flexibility in your messaging?

How YCD Can Help

  • Install innovative and customize solutions developed for your specific needs and site
  • Design Scalable solutions to any size location, including new and remote locations
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and time necessary to update and produce in-venue signage
  • Provide the ability to easily and quickly update content based on current activities
  • Provide centralized content management and control
  • Make your offerings and promotions relevant in real-time
  • Connect to external sources and databases to enable content updates

Did You Know?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king,” because it’s true! Animated content receives 5 times more viewers than static content and keeps viewers engaged for a longer period of time. When using animated digital signage content in your cinema and entertainment environment that adds up to higher concession sales, lower perceived wait time and happier customers who become regular visitors.

What You Can Expect

  • Coca Cola created a highly engaging user experience through high impact visuals, videos, interactivity, audio, and motion for cinemas at Cine Europe
  • Cinema City created an entire holistic entertainment experience from start to finish for their guests
  • Cinema City’s concession area increased revenue opportunities and increased spend through POS promotions