Case Studies


The Yale School of Management sought to create a streamlined, ultra-modern and practical focal point for the lobby of their school of management.

Working with Norman Foster + Partners, YCD Multimedia was brought in to assist with creating a striking digital signage solution that could broadcast pixel perfect high-quality content.

The result was a sleek, eye-catching digital signage video wall display capable of meeting Yale's content needs.

Digital Signage Goes Ivy League

The esteemed Yale School of Management, collaborates with YCD Multimedia to create digital signage solution for their students, faculty and visitors.

Few schools enjoy the prestigious reputation Yale School of Management has earned. With its large student body and well-established identity as one of the most forward-thinking and desirable centers of higher-learning in the world, the Yale School of Management takes great pride in building the world's next generation of brilliant professionals.

Sometimes this means building new ideas on top of historic traditions, which is exactly what the school hoped to accomplish with the upgrades planned for their academic facility. The challenge was to create a system that would get information to students, faculty and visitors while also being visually appealing.

YCD Multimedia and their collaborators Unified Filed and Norman Foster + Partners were asked to come up with a solution that would meet the Yale's needs. After assessing the physical area within the school, YCD Multimedia presented Yale with a digital signage solution that would more than exceed expectations.

The final install was comprised of two main video wall displays made of thirty-six 46-inch monitors arranged in a 9x4 array. Unified Field was put in charge of developing three floors of interactive, highly-engaging HD content.

Results of this project were overwhelmingly positive. Highly relevant school-wide agendas, class and conference schedules, special announcements, insightful information and photography from students, staff and guest speakers could all be seamlessly integrated and broadcast in real-time. Content specific to the school of management was developed to visually communicate current trends, transforming markets, organizations and societal statistics from around the world. This data was broken down and vibrantly represented using colors and shapes, making it both eye-catching and extremely appropriate to the Yale School of Management's overall educational goals.