Vornado Realty Trust commissioned a huge digital billboard as part of their redevelopment of the outer face of Time Square’s Marriott Marquis Hotel.

YCD Multimedia in collaboration with Diversified Media Group and Mitsubishi used its powerful digital signage software suite, Cnario to provide fully synchronized content to a high visibility digital billboard.

Together DMG and YCD Multimedia were able to create the largest digital billboard in Times Square, which is around 8 stories tall and about the length of one football field, showing advertising content to over 300,000 pedestrians who pass through Times Square each day.



To make it in The City That Never Sleeps, you have to stand out from the crowd.  No company knows this better than Vornado Realty Trust, a preeminent owner, manager and developer of office and retail assets. With key markets in New York City and Washington D.C., Vornado Realty Trust understands the necessity for impactful, highly engaging and show stopping signage in order to compete in some of the toughest Digital Out of Home (DOOH) markets in the country.

To accomplish this at their Marriot Marquis Hotel in Times Square, Vornado Realty Trust sought out Diversified Media Group and YCD Multimedia to assist them with an incredible digital signage project.  While the hotel was in the middle of its redevelopment phase, Vornado Realty Trust wanted to create the largest digital billboard in Times Square and affix it to the front of the Marriott Marquis. The challenge was to create a large-scale billboard with multiple display options, from filling the entire screen with one enormous picture to displaying multiple advertisers, or live events as needed.

Initially, DMG was asked to complete an evaluation of Mitsubishi’s proposals regarding the screen specs and to on-board a company capable of providing a powerful, reliable content playback engine able to provide high definition playback on this large scale screen.  DMG chose YCD Multimedia and their digital signage software suite, Cnario, as the content playback engine because of its ability to do exactly that.

After the team was assembled and the specs for the billboard had been locked down, DMG, YCD and Mitsubishi moved forward with the physical install. DMG and YCD Multimedia worked together to execute a robust, flexible solution that would definitely meet the client’s needs.  Not only did Cnario give the Mitsubishi billboard all the functionality necessary, it also provided interactive capabilities as well.

The completion of this project yielded some incredible, record-breaking results. True to the desires of Vornado Realty Trust, the Mitsubishi Digital Billboard is an enormous digital signage system, standing at 8 stories tall and is as long as a football field. It spans the entire block from 45th Street to 46th Street on Broadway. Nearly 24 million LED pixels make up the display giving the Marriott Marquis’s screen higher resolution than even the best of today’s top of-of-the-line television sets and provides all the functionality needed (and then some) while utilizing YCD’s Cnario digital signage software suite platform. It generates $2.5 million dollars in ad revenue every four weeks making it as lucrative as it is jaw-droppingly massive appearance.  Tim Tomkins, president of the Times Square Alliance discussed the project saying, “People go to the Grand Canyon to see the most visually stunning natural canyon in the world. They come to Times Square to see the most digitally striking canyon in the world.” When it comes to standing out from the crowd, it looks like the Marriott Marquis Digital Billboard more than accomplishes that.

Tim Tompkins

President, Time Square Alliance

People go to the Grand Canyon to see the most visually stunning natural canyon in the world. They come to Times Square to see the most digitally striking canyon in the world.” 

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