NGB wanted to create a new dynamic for customers by demonstrating a futuristic approach to banking and so raise their profile as an innovative bank

NGB turned to YCD digital signage to show customers how they could conduct self-service banking via i-bank services

YCD found ways for NGB to create their demos through informative, fun and interactive ways.



National Bank of Greece is that nation’s largest lender and as such was looking to streamline their consumer banking processes and give customers more flexibility through i-banking services. For the first time in Greece, NBG wanted to combine banking business on a self-service basis via i-bank services with fun and informative interaction.

The plan was to find an engaging way to demonstrate how much easier and efficient their new innovative approach to banking could be. The thinking was to establish the first i-bank Store in Athens and get customers to pay attention to all the benefits i-banking held for them.

“Our sourcing process included a structural investigation of potential vendors…” says Nelly Tzakou, General Manager, Group Chief Operations Officer, Global Transaction Services — Group Head at NBG. “ In this particular case, since the digital element was a key to the success of our launch of the first i-bank Store, we had to pair down our source list by asking each company to demonstrate their solutions live.”

Mrs. Tzakou says YCD’s strength in the market was a key factor in making the decision to go with their solution. “YCD Multimedia’s Cnario Suite scored high in all our criteria for this demanding project.  Our evaluation form with more than 20 key points… helped really point out the differences in the final short list. The YCD team did an excellent job exhibiting how their solution, Cnario, worked for similar projects to ours … YCD Multimedia also demonstrated a strong commitment to post sale support.”

In total, 15 different divisions were involved, with more than 70 people committing their knowledge and passion to the NBG i-bank store concept. The result was a multi-screen, multi-purpose electronic banking venue run on Cnario, one of the most powerful CMS playback engines on the market. The final solution fully represents the entire range of i-bank services including Internet banking, phone banking, mobile banking and ATM with striking and dynamic HD content.

“The innovative digital signage displays help the NGB i-bank store demonstrate the concept and possibilities of i-banking, while creating a high impact and unique customer experience,” says Ionna Katzillieri, Assistant General Manger of retail banking at NBG. “The i-bank store is a key component in NBG’s initiative to enhance digital literacy in Greece, further positioning the bank as a leader in innovation and modern banking services.”

With YCD’s help, NBG plans to expand the i-bank store concept in other places throughout Greece. 

Ionna Katzillieri

Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking, National Bank of Greece

“The innovative digital signage displays help the NGB i-bank store demonstrate the concept and possibilities of i-banking, while creating a high-impact and unique customer experience.”

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