Why Santa ain’t got nothing on Cnario!
An Airport Holiday Travel Tale from YCD

Posted on: December 5, 2022
By: YCD Multimedia

Does the thought of traveling during the holidays stress you out? If you raised your hand, you are not alone. According to AAA, more than 50 million Americans took to the roads and sky during Thanksgiving this year. With a record number of flights taking off, you could be looking like Kevin from the movie “Home Alone” as you travel during the upcoming holiday season. AHHHHHH!

Let’s face it… between getting to the airport, checking bags, navigating through security lines, grabbing a bite to eat, and finding your gate, it’s enough to make anyone frazzled. Lucky for you YCD is here to streamline those processes and make the air travel experience more enjoyable. Continue reading our airport holiday tale to see why Santa ain’t got nothing on Cnario!

Wonderous Wayfinding & Security
Santa likely uses his GPS to travel around the world in one night, but how do travelers navigate through the airport? Why, with kiosks and digital signage in strategic locations for travelers to quickly determine where they need to be, and how to get there.

We have numerous projects where we’ve improved the passenger experience with wayfinding options. Take DFW for instance, visual boarding instructions ease passengers through security with the help of Cnario driving custom content. Likewise MCO and LAS are other great examples of YCD helping travelers prepare for TSA screening. All utilized YCD’s Cnario to drive layers of content and dynamic data across these digital signage networks.

Festive Advertisements and Baggage Claim
Santa is one lucky dude when it comes to flying with his bags of toys. He doesn’t have to pack them and nor does he have to wait in the baggage claim area to collect them. One of the ways YCD’s has improved the passenger journey is through a robust content management solution. Santa ain’t got nothing on Cnario!  YCD helped Zurich Airport provide up-to-the-minute details about claiming one’s luggage.  

Holiday advertisements also garnered travelers’ attention at the Zurich Airport. Travelers get it all – real-time information, attention-grabbing video displays with super high-definition visual performance, as well as an engaging advertising messages at strategic locations. According to Christian Barlocher, Head of Marketing Communications at Zurich Airport said, “YCD’s content management platform is an optimal and very reliable solution that best matches our needs. We are highly impressed with YCD-based products in use in leading airports worldwide and the high-quality capabilities and ease of use of Cnario. The results speak for themselves.”

Memorable Digital Airport Art
“Making memories bright” isn’t just a line from a Christmas carol, it’s a theme used to deliver wonder and excitement for travelers at Connections Travel Agency. What better way to transport people to their dream destinations that through an immersive in-store experience? YCD worked with Connections to create a collage of elements corresponding to popular travel destinations. Elements like pictures and videos of popular tourist destinations, along with weather, and social media feeds combined to entice travelers to make their dream trip a reality.

Another memorable passenger experience controlled by YCD’s Cnario can be found at MCO, and is dubbed the “Fishtank”. While not Christmas themed, this delightful aquarium mesmerizes and informs passengers as they enter security. The massive LED videowalls controlled by Cnario offer a light-hearted experience that tends to make the overall TSA experience less stressful.

Cheerful Restaurants and Infotainment
Airports have made great strides in providing a wide variety of dining options for travelers. Whether you’re looking for a drink, snack, or quick meal, you can pretty much find it in available at any airport. Zurich Airports Upperdeck restaurants took a new approach for their diners. They offer a highly visual design that can be seen from many directions from inside the terminal via a multiscreen display that showcases stunning imagery synchronized over 28 screens. Using our Cnario suite for their digital signage software, the airport can provide infotainment by way of stunning imagery as well as real-time flight info as passengers unwind and dine.

We want to take a minute to wish you and yours Happy Holidays and Safe Travels! For more information or if you’d like to connect with us, reach out anytime.

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