Why an Intuitive User Interface is a Game Changer

Posted on: February 01, 2021
By: Dina Townsend

3.9 playlist management

I drive a 2013 vehicle. I’m very happy with it, it’s very reliable, fairly low miles and meets my needs. That said, even as an 8 year old car it has countless buttons and settings that I do not use because I do not understand how to use them, what they do, and how they could improve my experience. Complete explanations are probably in the user manual, but I don’t have time to read that. Ok, I have time; I don’t feel like it. It’s just how it is.

3.9 layout editingA digital signage platform is perhaps the most powerful communication tool for organizations to ensure that messages reach the right audiences and achieve the intended impact. But like my 8-year-old car, they are powerful and they have features and functionality that in many cases exceed the understanding of the users. Despite the best attempts by content management companies to write clear documentation, users seem to prefer to log in and have the platform be intuitive and be able to be used with minimal training. This is where a user-friendly interface has its greatest value. An intuitive and easy to use UI increases user engagement and bridges the gap between robust functionality and overall acceptance. ROI is heavily reliant on this outcome.

A good content management system should evolve with the end client allowing for growth and future proofing. Only a portion of that growth path is the technology itself. The other part is the user community and the workflows they develop and employ to ensure that the system works for them and results in highly efficient and effective tools. It is sometimes the case that the easier the UI the weaker the platform, but that is less and less the case as platforms evolve. Given the velocity at which the market changes, the best platform for any given scenario is one that has functionality to meet today’s needs but with a capacity to accommodate tomorrow’s best ideas.

3.9 distribution interfaceThe YCD Cnario platform is a robust toolkit that addresses digital signage projects from traditional single screen deployments to eye-popping synchronized video walls. We manage all types of content from live, pre-produced, and dynamic content, to audio, projection, and lighting. We do all of that with an intuitive and easy to use brand new user interface that was the cornerstone of our latest release. Markets change, user needs change, and the digital signage message and target audience is ever-changing.

We believe the best signage deployments are those where the content is fresh, the message is clear, the client is prepared, and the user is confident.

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