Multisensorial Soothing with Color and Sound

Posted on: November 14, 2022
By: YCD Multimedia


Take a deep breath in a let it out slowly. Continue doing so during the next few minutes as I paint a picture for you.

Imagine you are in a forest. There are lush trees all around you reaching high to the sky. Sunlight glints through the trees and lights your pathway with a warm glorious glow. The air around you is cool and crisp and fragrant with earthy smells of the soil, pine, and leaves that crunch beneath your feet. You’re on a hike through this fertile forest alone with your thoughts. On your relaxing hike you feel the sun now and again, bathing you in its light. It feels warm and tranquil. You come to a stream and hear its watery soothing sounds as it pools. You follow the stream, and it widens into a small pond. It’s circled by trees, and you can hear birds chirping in the tree branches above. You take your shoes off and dip you toes into the cool, tranquil waters feeling utterly rejuvenated.

Visualization Journey End
Friends, if you took that journey, our guess is that it painted a vivid picture in your mind. Maybe you saw little woodland creatures in your story, maybe you smelled oak, or moss. The point of all that was to help you de-stress for a few minutes and unplug your brain a bit.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to consider another area on the fringe of digital signage, and that’s Visual Therapy.

Promoting Health and Well-Being
If you look on YouTube for meditation or relaxation, you’ll likely bump into many iterations of sound and color immersion techniques. Sound baths are waves of soothing, echoing sounds from gongs, and other percussion or wind instruments played in such a way to combat stress, fatigue, and release tension. When combined with color baths or color therapy, sound baths offer a type of vibrational healing. Both sound and color baths promote health through delivered experiences involving frequency, light and vibration.

Audio-Visual Experience
Color, sound and light therapies are not just for spas, or retreats. These vibrational therapies are now being seen in office spaces, healthcare facilities, as well as higher education, and other areas looking to aid in calming and destressing their staff, patrons, and students.
Offices are also being designed to benefit those with neurodiversities. This type of inclusive design practice offers better accommodations for those with cognitive differences. For instance, one way to accommodate workers is to offer a choice of seating. Some may opt for darker, or more dimly lit areas. Solid walls versus glass are sometimes preferred to almost “shield” employees from distractions.
We’ve encountered several offices equipped with a private spaces to allow employees to decompress. Rooms with soft light, clean scents, and airy music coupled with cozy reclining chairs make for a tranquil area for employees to unwind and feel refreshed. This is a wonderful way for employers to allow employees to feel calm especially in high-stress environments.

Multisensorial Elements
Color and sound bath therapies can utilize technology to heighten the experience. Audio elements like discreet speakers to pipe in soft, relaxing music are a key component for relaxation. Color and visual elements could use projectors or any wide range of display technologies to show hues to promote energy. Likewise, visuals of tranquil gardens, meadows, woods, and other calming scenes could also be displayed to take patrons on a multisensorial journey like we did at the beginning of this blog. Imagine being able to choose your scene for serenity!
YCD’s Cnario is a great resource to drive these types of therapeutic treatments. Cnario features a way to control and monitor the experience to allow patrons to be present without the distraction of the technology. Additional features like edge-blending for projection systems offers a way to seamlessly blend the technology into any environment. And in the case of multiple displays, Cnario can synchronize the content to complement the visual experience.
Now take a deep breath and let YCD handle your experience.

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