Data Visualization. You've got to see it to believe it.

Posted on: April 04, 2016

Welcome to the age of data visualization in digital signage. What is it? It is the ability to take complex, data rich information and present it in easy-to-understand, graphic ways that people can grasp at a glance. Digital visualization techniques are being used in digital signs to boost employee productivity as well as to present opportunities to consumers whenever and wherever they shop.

Given that two thirds of us learn visually, it should not come as a surprise that this is becoming a hot trend in digital signage. Teachers have used visuals to help explain complex subjects for years. Business has been incorporating charts in PowerPoint presentations for decades now.

Now, you can gather all kinds of information and display it clearly and graphically in real time through digital signage. It is becoming much easier and quicker to collect and blend data into cogent visuals. The tools to do so are also becoming more prolific and commoditized.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the insurgence of data visualization in digital signage is the emergence of HTML5 which makes visual creation more flexible than ever. For example, we are now able to make real time graphics and visuals interactive. This allows workers viewing the signage to react to information, share it or update it quickly. It also affords consumers the opportunity to react to the data by asking for more information or by purchasing an item on the spot.

YCD is on the forefront of this data visualization trend and has been helping clients use it in both their work environments and their public messaging efforts for some time now. A dramatic example is the solution YCD helped formulate for Yale School of Management. Yale wanted to create a visual system that could consolidate and provide information to students, faculty and visitors alike in real time. They wanted it for both general information purposes and for specific schools of academic concentration. The result was a synchronized information system consisting of two main video wall displays of thirty-six 46″ monitors powered by Cnario Suite. Cnario Digital Signage Suite was able to seamlessly integrate and broadcast highly relevant school-wide agendas, class and conference schedules, special announcements, insightful information and photography from students, staff and guest speakers in real-time.

Cnario Suite further allowed content being developed by individual divisions such as the school of management to visually communicate current trends, transforming markets, organizations and societal statistics from around the world. This data was broken down and vibrantly represented using colors and shapes, making it both eye-catching and extremely appropriate to the Yale School of Management’s overall educational goals.

The Yale solution is a perfect demonstration of how the Cnario Suite can pull data from multiple sources and restructure it into harmonized graphics so people can instantly see what the information means.

As stated earlier, most of us learn visually. Whether it’s learning about a market trend or bringing a new product to market, visualization in digital signage is a powerful tool that is changing how we receive and respond to data.

To learn more about this project, please see our Yale School of Management case study.

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