AT&T wanted to give their customers the ultimate interactive shopping experience unlike anywhere else in the country at their 10,000 square foot flagship store in Chicago.

YCD Multimedia provided software to create immersive and engaging digital signage. Use of their Cnario Digital Signage Suite was employed in features such as the Lifestyle Boutique, unique to new locations.

Upon completion, AT&T took home two coveted awards at the Retail Design Institute’s 42nd Annual International Design Awards Gala.



AT&T is committed to keeping their customers connected from virtually anywhere by providing cutting-edge wireless service and products all across the United States and Latin America. With more than 2,300 retail stores nationwide and a Chicago customer base of close to three million, AT&T needed to implement a technological solution that was both interactive and engaging to all who entered the retail location. 

AT&T wanted their Chicago flagship location to be a glimpse into the future. The challenge was finding a way to deliver their products in a cutting edge and highly-engaging way to their Chicago customers. To do this, AT&T met with YCD Multimedia who assessed their needs and presented them with a number of digital signage solutions. 

AT&T trusted YCD’s exceptional industry reputation and chose to move forward with the proposed options. Cnario Digital Signage Suite was utilized to create an immersive experience for their customers while providing seamless content playback. Creating an interactive display to cater to such a large number of people was daunting, but they were determined to deliver.

AT&T’s Explorer Lounge provided an array of demos, which were displayed on multiple video monitors. An 18-foot high Connect Wall, which showcased interactive content and product information, was the main feature. Not only does this wall engage those in the store, but also shoppers passing by. An additional part of the project was developing the Lifestyle Boutique. This is an interactive suite that allows users to explore products based on their needs; be it life & fitness or exclusive Chicago-themed accessories. An Experience Platform was built to offer customers the chance to use and interact with AT&T products for home security and automation, entertainment, music and automobiles. 

The use of Cnario Suite has enabled this location to deliver engaging and interactive promotional content directly to consumers. Now, potential customers can play and learn about apps that specifically interest them through the Explorer Lounge, Lifestyle Boutiques, Experience Platform and more. Consumers aren’t the only ones impressed with Cnario Digital Signage Suite. Paul Roth, President of AT&T retail sales and service explains, “Customers will not only be able to interact with and purchase our products, but they will also experience the forefront of evolving wireless technology and see how AT&T is leading it.” At the Retail Design Institute’s 42nd Annual International Store Design Awards Gala, the AT&T Chicago flagship store was honored with the first place award in the Service Retail Category, and a Special Merit Award for Innovation in Customer Experience and Technology.

The use of YCD Multimedia’s Cnario Suite has enabled AT&T to create a display focused around interactivity. Tim Johnson, Sr. Technical Director of AT&T Mobility praised the digital software saying, “This platform has all the capabilities we need for our current store environment and other features we hope to use in the near future. We have also found the CMS server software to be very user-friendly and feature-rich for creating our custom playlists and scheduling. It has been a pleasure to work with the YCD team to create a unique customer experience in our new stores and I highly recommend their solution.”

Tim Johnson, Sr.

Technical Director of AT&T Mobility

“We are using the Cnario Digital Signage Suite in all of our new retail stores. This platform has all the capabilities we need for our current store environment …” 

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