Airport Digital Signage: from curbside to the gate, learn how YCD is improving passenger experience

Posted on: September 26, 2022
By: YCD Multimedia

Need gate information? Flight status? Baggage claim info? If you’re a frequent traveler and visit airports or train stations, chances are you’ve engaged with a Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS), or for airports, they are called Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) for this information. But beyond this info, what else can digital signage do?

Navigate Passengers
Luckily, travelers can rely on digital signage for vital travel information about the schedule, weather, or any other changes in real-time. How about finding a restroom, food, gift shop, or airport lounge? That’s where wayfinding is key. These navigational displays could be kiosks, or other displays, and can include options for touch interaction. They come in different sizes, depending on your needs, and are capable of guiding visitors through the airport.
They are especially adept at conveying content in various languages. A robust content management system, like our Cnario, can make language selections very easy to accommodate international passengers.

Offer Infotainment
Spending hours at the airport is a challenge for many passengers. Many passengers spend their time waiting for their flight to arrive or they may get stuck there because of unforeseen circumstances. So, what do you do? Eat, sleep, shop, read? Transportation hubs are capitalizing on mobile devices as extensions to traditional displays. Split-flat boards have evolved dramatically, and now QR codes are used to engage and inform passengers through a variety of mobile applications. It’s as easy as scanning the code to get directions on your mobile device to the nearest restaurant, or bar through advancements in geolocation technology.

Processing for security also takes a lot of time including check-ins, and even going through customs. Digital signage can help reduce boredom and passenger anxiety. Installations like our Fish Bowl content at MCO airport, can greatly help passengers, and relieve some of the stress of traveling.

Health and Safety Resource
Like in our award-winning creative response to Covid-19 for MCO Airport, visual messaging can be displayed on the digital signage ecosystem to remind passengers about handwashing, social distancing, cleaning, and can provide current information about safety protocols. In our post-Covid world, travel experiences have had to change drastically to ensure safety information is readily presented to travelers throughout the airport. Our Cnario Content Management System (CMS) drives layers of content and dynamic data across airports’ digital signage networks to offer vital visual content and resources.

Provides live schedule information
The most traditional type of airport digital signage is directories. These help in displaying arrivals, departures, and gate information, and offer real-time updates on the different schedules for different flights especially when there are delays or issues. Beyond the traditional, they are also ways to create a boost for tourism. Like our award-winning Gate of Tomorrow experience at DFW, content can include localized media celebrating the region, ambient visuals to calm and engage passengers, and integrated visual instructions to ease passengers through boarding. The result is an accessible, immersive, lounge-like experience at the gates and a flexible platform for future airport innovation.

Advertising benefits
With more than 674 million passengers taking to the airways in 2021, there’s a fair amount of ad revenue to gain. Displays are not just for passive communication; they can drive revenue by offering partners advertising opportunities on airport screens. Aside from useful information, displays can offer ROI in high-traffic areas like baggage claim. Airports and other transportation stations offer a high-impact way to promote and leverage content for brands throughout the day to reach and engage millions of travelers around the airport.

The YCD Experience
Transportation is our thing! Designing a modernized transportation experience and transforming the journey from curbside to the gate is what we do best! When it comes to your transportation and airport digital signage, we offer the most powerful digital signage platforms in the industry that enhances the passenger experiences.
Our services include designing a scalable digital signage solution, content management services, monitoring and support of your digital signage network, hosting services, and others that will help drive your digital signage efficiency and success.
Furthermore, we can help you with data utilization, triggered content such as advertisements that will increase opportunities for ad revenue, and quality content that will help grab the attention of your audience.
As a point of reference, review our Transportation page of case studies. Start working with us today!

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