JCDecaux, an advertising media company, needed help creating displays that would assist with getting vital travel information to commuters in addition to helping with way finding and displaying ad content.

YCD Multimedia was made part of a collaborative team and used Cnario Suite to make it easy for JCDecaux to change campaigns easily.

As a result all advertising spaces where content is played back using YCD Multimedia’s Cnario Suite are completely sold out, getting over 500,000 views from commuters every day.



Digital signage has been taking modern mass transit by storm, with more and more major cities and countries using it to get vital travel information and revenue-generating advertisements seen by thousands of commuters each day. For ad agencies, this is a great opportunity to get their clients high visibility, which is what JCDecaux hoped to do in one of China’s busiest metro stations.

JCDecaux is a leading outdoor advertising media company and are no strangers to knowing how beneficial high visibility digital signage can be for an ad campaign.  They sought to bring high definition content on the huge displays within Shanghai’s Metro station to get their client’s ad content in one of the most high traffic transportation hubs in the world. To do this they would need a high quality playback engine capable of managing high definition content and could change campaigns quickly and easily.

Due to YCD Multimedia’s extensive experience with digital signage in transportation venues, JCDecaux selected them to handle this project. Specifically, YCD’s digital signage software suite, Cnario was selected because of its content creation tools, easy online review, and approval process, high quality playback and its ability to integrate real information from various sources in real time.

Using Cnario’s powerful playback engine, YCD Multimedia was able to take the ten large displays across the station and optimized them to handle the kind of high definition content JCDecaux wanted to display easily. Additionally it allowed JCDecaux’s clients to create dynamic displays and image flows using the software content tools alone. Additional information regarding commuter specific travel content, like the weather, line delays, stock information, and schedule changes could also be uploaded and played back to commuters making it both useful for travelers and revenue generating.

The results were absolutely phenomenal. Not only did each of the ten large displays seamlessly playback beautiful high definition content, the content tools enabled JCDecaux’s clients to save significantly on post-production costs, and dramatically lowered the overall network bandwidth.  Plus with Cnario’s preview option, all of the content could be viewed in low resolution, edited and then approved before it was broadcast making the content review process very easy. Due to the use of Cnario, all of JCDecaux’s ad space in Shanghai’s Metro station remains completely booked and sold out, getting their clients views from around 500,000 commuters every single day.

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