GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones and pearls, and they wanted a video display to reflect that.

They used Arsenal Media in conjunction with YCD Multimedia to create a video wall that showcased GIA’s unique history and informational content about the science of diamonds and gems.

The final video wall utilized all the key elements the client envisioned and delivered a solution that conveyed GIA’s pre-eminent authority as a trusted advisor in gemology.



GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. GIA consistently strives to protect the gem and jewelry industry by establishing global quality standards through research, education, and unbiased gem grading analysis. As the gem and jewelry industry is very fast paced and always changing, there were a number of key challenges that they would need to overcome.

The first of these was the transformation of information into a compelling visual narrative that would effectively communicate GIA’s insights and knowledge about precious stones and pearls.  Additionally this content had to be displayed in a highly engaging way and in a system that was easily managed so that GIA could handle content updates quickly and simply.

After extensive research about digital signage and its many benefits, GIA felt that a video wall in their New York City location, could meet their rigorous requirements in a highly engaging way.  Once this was decided, all that was left was to assemble the best collaboration of digital signage experts in the industry.  GIA selected Arsenal Media to handle the content, in conjunction with Planar’s high quality displays and YCD’s Cnario Digital Signage Suite to run and manage their content.

After the teams were selected, Arsenal got to work on content production. They produced more than 100 videos that would inform and educate staff, partners, and visitors in a compelling narrative. The finalized design was a horizontal, double-sided, mirrored 10X1 Planar Mosaic video array created with 20 square high quality Planar displays. Arsenal optimized all of the content for 10K resolution, with 4k content produced for the 84” LCD displays.  YCD Multimedia and Arsenal collaborated to make the CMS easy to use and update so GIA could update with new content whenever they wanted.  Finally, all of the content was optimized and synchronized through YCD’s Cnario Digital Signage Suite which enabled it to be displayed with better than broadcast, pixel perfect playback quality.

As expected, the results were enormously successful and GIA was thrilled with their video display.  The digital experience effectively integrated various elements to highlight key features about gems and stones, while providing additional information about the diamond, gems, and jewelry industry. James Utterback of TAD Associates, a world-class multimedia and architectural design firm, and more importantly partner of GIA and key resource for selecting Arsenal and YCD Multimedia for the project, expressed many positive sentiments regarding the result. In fact, he went on to say, “What we envisioned for the space couldn’t have been realized with any other display on the market.”  Knowing how high the standards are at GIA, we’ll take that compliment in high regard.

James Utterback

Architectural Designer & Project Manager for TAD Associates

            “What we envisioned for the space couldn’t have been realized with any other display on the market.” 

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