Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank, is a global banking corporation with a reputation for being a technological leader. Based out of Israel, the bank operates throughout the UK, North America and Europe. Bank Hapoalim wanted to open Poalim Digital banking branches but needed a technological solution that would be both efficient and highly-engaging for their customers.  

Bank Hapoalim wanted to lead the digital revolution of banking around the world.  The challenge was finding a way to deliver efficient and secure banking services to their clients, while still engaging with them by using an interactive system. Bank Hapoalim partnered with signage company VISUALED and YCD Multimedia to develop an immersive and interactive digital signage solution for their bankers.

Bank Hapoalim decided to invest in the solution presented by VISUALED and YCD Multimedia. Using Cnario Digital Signage Suite, YCD Multimedia was able to give Bank Hapoalim the ability to manage and broadcast content at the bank’s digital branches seamlessly. The innovated banking suites offered digital-savvy customers with advanced technological services and information through the use of interactive touch screens and digital displays.  

The chief use of the digital signage was to directly provide clients with need-to-know information regarding the branch’s openings, closings, promotions, services and products. The interactive screens enable Bank Hapoalim to showcase new products, conduct digital demos and display valuable information all while entertaining their customers. Potential clients were able to interact with new digital products and offer their feedback. Bank Hapoalim has used the technologically-advanced and interactive Cnario Suite to build their brand as a leader in the digital age

The use of Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled Poalim Digital banks to offer lower wait times, an attractive feature for busy bankers. It has also allowed Bank Hapoalim to enact unified marketing and promotional strategies throughout the bank’s digital locations, offering customers an array of digital and online banking solutions. The use of digital signage has minimized the wasted resources on paper and promotional materials. Touch screen kiosks allowed customers to conduct quick banking tasks while exploring all that Poalim Digital has to offer. YCD’s Cnario Suite has enabled Bank Hapoalim to deliver a unique concept of banking that engages clients and promotes the bank’s wide array of products and services.

Bank Hapoalim wanted to create functional and intuitive technological services for their digital-savvy clients at their Poalim Digital banks.

YCD Multimedia’s Cnario Digital Signage Suite managed and broadcast content at the banks digital branches.

As a result, Poalim Digital, Bank Hapoalim’s digital branch, was well-equipped for the digital revolution by providing their clients with an immersive, highly-interactive digital banking experience.

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