Professional Services

YCD's Five Steps to Success

​YCD accompanies you every step of the way to a successful digital signage project - from the earliest stage of a project's infancy until long after your solution has been implemented. From initial concept, to site design, we'll manage deployment, content creation and content updates, distribution and on-going technical support. Along with the expertise of our wide network of partners, YCD provides a solution that will grow with your business, supporting you along the way.

1. Strategy & Design

A strong digital signage strategy is essential for success, and at YCD Multimedia, we will begin working on a project long before plans are drawn or displays are mounted to create a strong strategy and design foundation. We take each of our clients’ unique challenges, needs, and requests into account to create a customized solution that will enable them to meet all of their goals. We apply years of industry knowledge to advise the best approach for creating the most effective digital experience.

2. Project Management

​YCD's team of trained professionals will work to ensure a seamless process for integrating your digital signage system into your existing infrastructure. We offer complete support programs to cover all of the details whether you’re designing and building for a new location or just redesigning existing stores.

3. Training

Once your digital signage solution has been physically installed, YCD will provide structured training on how to make the best use of your new digital signage. This will give you the right tools and knowledge to manage all aspects of the digital signage experience. From basic functionality, content management and user controls to full integration with corporate IT infrastructure, YCD wants you to feel comfortable using and enjoying the benefits of your digital signage right away. Above all, YCD’s customer training is aimed at establishing a self-sustainable and independently monitored system.

4. Measurement & Optimization

YCD Multimedia is committed to helping you get the most benefits and best results from your digital signage solution. We will continue to work with you by showing you how to setup reports that will enable you to measure for any parameters you need. We have a range of reporting tools which work to provide the metrics necessary to continue enhancing the digital experience in a way that brings real ROI.

5. Maintenance

Our support does not end once the physical install and initial calibrations are complete. We will continue to assist you with digital signage system maintenance when you need it. Whether you need remote support, on-site development and services, YCD's team of experienced professionals will accommodate your company's needs and keep your system playback and functionality seamless. Our comprehensive services packages include regular product updates, 24-hour support and new version releases. You will not ever feel like you have nowhere to turn when you need your system adjusted, fixed or updated, YCD Multimedia will stick with you long after your initial digital signage system has been fully installed.