Digital Signage Solutions for A World On the Go

Giving tourists and commuters access to vital travel information is what drives you, which is why you work hard to get them the information they need quickly and easily. After all, wayfinding, weather information, location specific data, current events, special holiday schedules, can all change in an instant, so why not utilize a system that can deliver information changes to your tourists and commuters in real time? This is where we come in. We understand the ins and outs of creating a digital signage network that will transform how your travelers get from point A to point B. With some strategically placed digital signage, you can make travelling easy, resulting in a more positive visitor experience.

But travelers aren’t the only people who benefit from digital signage. Advertisers looking to purchase ad space in high traffic areas love digital signage because of its higher percentage of consumer recall, and its ability to grab and sustain the attention of commuters. The best part is that we can help you design a digital signage solution that does all of this from one centrally managed location. Our solutions can give you complete control over what content broadcasts and where, and we make each of our digital signage solutions scalable so they can grow as your needs do.

Are You Looking To

Increase opportunities for advertising in high-traffic commuting and travel hubs?

Provide travelers with emergency alerts and travel information that can quickly be updated in real-time?

Lower perceived wait time in bus stations and airport terminals?

Manage easily from one central location while also having the capability to select certain zones to broadcast content if necessary?

How YCD Can Help

  • Provide better-than-broadcast quality content playback that grabs the attention of commuters
  • Design a scalable digital signage solution that can grow and change with your content needs
  • Establish a centrally managed content hub where HD content can be created, uploaded and approved in real time
  • Increase opportunities for ad revenue by providing simple content scheduling capabilities that maximize the use of your digital signage ad space

Did You Know?

78% of consumers believe that digital signage content is attention grabbing, while 63% feel that it is entertaining, which definitely makes traveling more enjoyable for everyone!

What You Can Expect

  • Zurich Airport received a robust software solution that managed hundreds of screens that detailed accurate real-time flight data from a single, central platform
  • EMT Madrid collaborated with YCD Multimedia to design a mobile navigational digital signage solution that could be integrated directly into the buses, immediately improving passenger satisfaction and shortened perceived travel time
  • JCDecaux created a wow experience for air travelers rushing through American Airlines’ new terminal at JFK with perfectly synchronized video and audio content broadcast across multiple massive screens along a mile-long walkway