Digital Signage That Drives the Buy

To make the sale, retailers have to hit that sweet spot right between selling their products and developing the relationship between their brand and their consumers. It is here that digital signage can really bridge that gap. From suggestive selling at point of sale locations, to providing dynamic, engaging and interactive promotional content, digital signage can give your retail location an atmosphere that reinforces your brand message.

That’s where we come in. Designing scalable digital signage solutions that give you the capability to turn foot traffic into profit is our specialty. From HD video walls to self-help kiosks, we can create a high-impact retail digital signage network that allows you to standardize your content whether you’re looking to integrate digital signage into one location or all of them.

Are You Looking To

Create a fully-immersive customer experience designed to create brand awareness and loyalty?

Build brand recognition and cohesiveness through consistent content at all your retail locations?

Decrease perceived wait time while increasing consumer awareness about promotional campaigns?

Introduce interactive elements, like mobile incentives, for in-store consumers?

Increase revenues by providing vital promotional and informational content at point-of-sale locations?

Develop a scalable digital signage network that can grow and expand with your needs?

How YCD Can Help

  • Install a powerful digital signage software suite that can stream HD content seamlessly with better-than-broadcast quality playback
  • Assist in maintaining a cohesive brand image by providing you with a centralized content hub that allows all retail locations to be updated simultaneously or selectively based on your needs
  • Develop interactive elements to create a positive user experience at key points in the buying process
  • Design a scalable digital signage solution that can grow and adapt to your needs

Did You Know?

8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest, with some retailers noting as much as a 24% increase in footfall after implementing digital signage technologies.

What You Can Expect

  • Bobbi Brown installed a 9 screen video wall to draw consumers to the focal point of the store. This was so successful YCD helped them expand their scalable design to another 14 locations
  • Diesel, a cutting edge designer for young adult fashion, used their in-store video wall to showcase the latest pieces of their collection synchronized with engaging audio content
  • FerreroLegno, a designer door manufacturer, created a network of Sales Force Digital Assistants to create their own custom sales process in 100 of their locations throughout the world