Parks & Zoos

Masterful Digital Signage for the Modern Age

Being a cultural or social hub is not just about attracting guests, it’s also about making their experience easy, fun and memorable. This is why when it comes to museums, parks, zoos, and other cultural destinations, interactivity is one of the most important aspects of visitor experience you can improve. Make your exhibits come alive for your visitors with touchscreen panels, video wall story-telling, cameras and other interactive elements to create an environment that quickly engages and fully immerses your visitors in dynamic relevant content.

But the best part of improving your venue’s interactive elements is that we can make it easy. Some well-placed digital signage can make things like navigating your venue simple. While dynamic, fully-immersive engaging content at an exhibit not only captures your visitors’ attention but makes the learning experience richer and more memorable.

Are You Looking To

Simplify the process of updating, approving and creating content?

Make it easier for visitors to navigate in and around your exhibits or park?

Control the flow of content to location specific areas in your building or park?

Provide engaging, dynamic and immersive content and exhibits to visitors?

How YCD Can Help

  • Using our exceptional partner’s network, we can assemble a team that can design and install a digital signage solution that best fits your needs or we can work with your own team
  • Provide you with a simple content management system that makes updating, changing, and creating content a breeze
  • Cnario, our flagship software suite, gives you the control to choose where and when your content is broadcast, even if it means different content plays in multiple locations at the same time.
  • Ensure that your digital signage solution delivers high-definition content, with seamless, better-than-broadcast quality playback

Did You Know?

The approximate cost for one 55-inch interactive touchscreen is roughly equivalent to what it would cost to replace a Lucite, steel, or stone sign only two to three times. Often once the system has been implemented the content on digital signage solutions can be updated and changed automatically, at little to no additional cost with the right software engine.

YCD Gets The Job Done

What You Can Expect

  • The New York Museum of Arts and Design was able to provide visitors assistance with orientation, guidance, information and wayfinding
  • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art obtained a simple drag and drop interface that enabled them to change content in specific zones of the museum very easily
  • Using Cnario, YCD’s Flagship product, The New York Museum of Arts and Design was able to make updates to their content in real time, using customized content templates to streamline the process still further