Full Sync Playback

Ensure frame accuracy regardless of the type, size, and duration of your content. Create choreographed sequences, animations, and complex logic involving many visual items, and spread them across the entire canvas.

Pixel Perfect

Cnario provides incredibly smooth playback with its powerful playback engine. This engine enables us to address every pixel in a canvas (even very large ones) by driving each display in its native resolution. For the extra-large canvases, Cnario uses multi-CPU frame synchronization that maintains perfect sync across the multiple computers that drive the canvas. This ensures that all displays in the canvas operate as one cohesive video wall. You never need to do anything to keep everything looking perfect, Cnario keeps it up and running... from the start.

Auto Failover

For installs requiring maximum uptime, Cnario players can be configured to run redundant channels. During playback, the system continuously monitors every player and automatically reverts to a backup unit in case an error occurs minimizing disruption on playback.

Generative &
Interactive Content

Deliver powerful customer experiences built in today’s interactive platforms - HTML5, WebGL and more. Utilize the Cnario visualization engine to display responsive content in real time across multiple displays and the Cnario API to integrate with external data sources.

Open Architecture

Harness Cnario’s device integration API for seamless interface and activation between content, external readers, sensors, automation systems, and connected peripherals.