Management, Distribution, & Security


This real-time component bundled with every Cnario player actively monitors the player application as well as key functions of the player PC. WatchDog can identify and automatically resolve performance and reliability issues with minimal visible impact. Should the need arise, WatchDog can even restart the player PC all while reporting application and PC health to the CMS in real-time.


Cnario's intelligent distribution uses "push and store" logic, where each player holds all of the required playlists and media assets required for playback per its scheduling and is never dependent on connection to a CMS, a streaming server, etc. Cnario automatically keeps players up to date and plays the latest version of the content. Every file is identified using a 128Bit "hash" key referenced in the playlist (or other content items) which ensures content validity. The entire process is fully monitored by the CMS with to-the-byte progress and completion tracking on an asset-by-asset basis.

User Permissions

Cnario’s built-in permissions engine provides system administrators with the ability to create and manage collaborative workflows for users inside and outside the organization. These permissions can be role or department-based, integrated within the organization’s active directory, defined according to a multi-level approval workflow, and even restrict access and actions right down to the individual channel and content item.

Smart Distribution

Cnario's intelligent distribution engine delivers on scalability, resiliency, and network efficiency. By placing dedicated gateways (and players doubling as gateways) at strategic locations, IT administrators can freely design a network with multiple "star" and "daisychain" topologies.