Content Authoring

Cnario's Any-K fluid video wall technology is designed to support any size video wall canvas. It's Multi-CPU architecture handles everything from running the playback engine to smart distribution of large format content, all fully synchronized utilizing multiple PCs. The result is near limitless expandability of your video wall canvas and limitless detail in your content, whether it's 4K, 8K or beyond.


Layouts are Cnario’s way of harnessing the power of multi-display authoring in a simple, flexible and convenient toolkit. Whether a single screen, video wall or collage, Cnario lets you focus on your content’s visual impact and not which displays receive what content.

Advanced Scheduling

With Cnario you get the powerful scheduling capabilities you need without sacrificing flexibility and ease of use. Organize and schedule your content in three easy ways.

First, by using keywords in any logic operation in the system, from automatic distribution channels with matching keywords to filtering content used in a playlist.

Second, schedule content by establishing periods of activity and inactivity so that your content only plays when you want it to.

Third, utilize playback rules to further customize how your content will play by associating content with external commands, from weather information to foot traffic in the space.