Case Studies


Toyota UK was looking to create a more engaging customer experience in their Customer Lounge Area.

YCD Multimedia utilized their software platform Cnario Digital Signage Suite to creatively deliver Toyota FM, Toyota branded audio content, to customers in the lounge.

For over eleven years YCD Multimedia has worked with Toyota UK to keep content consistent, personalized and within Toyota’s strict brand guidelines.

The Fast Lane to Fantastic Customer Experiences

Toyota UK enlisted the help of YCD Multimedia to transform their customer lounge

Personalizing music and commercial messages substantially enhanced the Toyota customer experience, creating an exciting and stimulating brand experience in the showrooms.

Neil Broad
National Manager of Toyota UK

Toyota is one of the most well-known Japanese automotive manufacturers with a legacy of excellence that started with the company’s inception in 1937. They have numerous international locations with over 300,000 employees worldwide.  Toyota Group, the parent company of Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest conglomerates of the world. Toyota UK is a branch of Toyota Motor Corporation headquartered in Great Britain. 

Toyota UK has always placed an enormous focus on customer experience and service. As a result, they are continuously interested in improving their customers with a unique and enjoyable experience. This led to their development of the Toyota Customer Lounge and Showroom where customers could be entertained and hear about the company’s latest promotions while they waited.

A number of meetings were held within Toyota UK’s Network Development and Marketing Team, regarding improving customer experience in that space. It was decided that additional branded content could be integrated into the Customer Lounge and Showroom Area.  To achieve this goal they asked YCD Multimedia to come in and offer a solution.

Using their digital signage software suite, Cnario, YCD Multimedia was able to integrate Toyota FM, Toyota’s own branded content radio channel, into Toyota’s IT Network. Content could be downloaded directly from the Toyota UK Network which is essential due to Toyota’s strict content and branding guidelines. Cnario also enabled Toyota UK to playback specific branded content to their customers in the Customer Lounge and Showroom Areas. They were also able to switch Toyota FM out for other additional music channels as needed.

As a result of their success with Cnario Toyota UK and YCD Multimedia established a working relationship that has lasted over 11 years.  Together they have provided Toyota UK’s customers with Toyota’s own custom radio content while creating a warm friendly and personalized environment. Neil Broad, National Manager of Toyota UK spoke highly about the project saying, "Personalizing music and commercial messages substantially enhanced the Toyota customer experience, creating an exciting and stimulating brand experience in the showrooms." Now guests frequenting the Customer Lounge and Showroom Areas enjoy complimentary coffee, surf the net, and check out the latest Toyota promotions with added satisfaction.