Case Studies


Following the success of their flagship store in Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, Telecom Italia (TIM) sought to bring digital signage to their temporary installation at the Samsung TIM Expo Center in Milan during the Universal Expo.

Together with DOOH.IT, YCD Multimedia helped Telecom Italia receive special recognition for their video wall design and other digital signage that was installed in TIM’s temporary store, built specifically for expo attendees.

Organizers of the Universal Expo 2015 were highly impressed with the display’s ability to improve attendees’ experiences while moving through the TIM Temporary store.

Digital Signage Brings Extra Flash to Expo

Italian telecommunications company, Telecom Italia, uses digital signage to draw crowds at Samsung TIM Auditorium

The best measure of success is repeat customers, which is why when Telecom Italia (TIM) approached YCD Multimedia for help with their temporary storefront for the Universal Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, it illustrated once again the powerful positive impact that digital signage solutions can have in the telecommunications industry.

TIM, one of Italy’s leading telecommunication operators, had successfully implemented a highly dynamic digital signage solution in their own flagship store in Leonardo da Vinci Airport, located in Fiumicino. Based on the overwhelmingly beneficial results that followed after the install, YCD Multimedia was quickly called when TIM was asked to put together a temporary storefront for the Universal Expo 2015, a major digital technology and social media expo.

As the expo was being held in the Samsung-TIM Auditorium, the content, playback engine and digital signage solution would need to be of high-quality and appeal to other experts in digital technology that would be attending the expo.  YCD Multimedia collaborated with their partner DOOH.IT to design an effective, dynamic and engaging digital signage solution.

After considering their options and designing a plan, YCD Multimedia and their local partner DOOH.IT began their install of a 3x3 video wall array, two 48-inch touchscreen displays and a 55-inch monitor.  Using Cnario Suite, YCD’s flagship product, they were able to create a fully synchronized collage of high-definition content that would dazzle visitors to the TIM temporary expo store.  All content was delivered in better-than-broadcast quality, and was highly informative about TIM’s products and services.

Two additional touchscreen kiosks were stationed outside the temporary store in other parts of the Samsung-TIM auditorium.  These helped drive traffic to the temporary store and gave the expo attendees vital information about TIMs program “TIM2go”, a tablet sharing system that enabled attendees to rent the latest Samsung tablet, use it to learn more about the events underway at the expo, receive on-demand video content and upload their photos from the expo to the cloud to make a memory of the event.

The digital signage solution made a significant impact on the experiences of those at the expo. Organizers noted high attendee satisfaction with the digital signage, finding the content informative, and highly appropriate. They felt that it strengthened the relationship TIM had with its customers, enhancing the products and services offered by TIM while also improving customer engagement with the products themselves.  Together with DOOH.IT, YCD Multimedia ensured that TIM’s temporary store at the Universal Expo 2015 was a resounding success.

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