Case Studies


JCDecaux needed assistance with getting digital signage solutions into two major airports in Shanghai.

YCD Multimedia was brought in to create an architecture that would smoothly integrate with JCDecaux’s system and used Cnario to accomplish this.

The entire project was completed in 2 months, allowing JCDecaux to more than double the advertisers it could sell to, and created a fully integrated architecture for over 200 displays.

Digital Signage Helps Travelers' Spirits Soar

Pudong and Hongqiao International Airports turns to YCD Multimedia's digital signage solution to help keep passengers content

Cnario has met and surpassed all the requests we needed

Ke George
Airport Development Technical Director
JCDecaux Momentum Shanghai Airport Advertising Company Ltd.

Transportation hubs are obviously some of the busiest places in the world, with thousands and thousands of commuters and travelers passing through each day. The high visibility nature of transportation centers makes them profitable and important for advertising agencies, especially for JCDecaux, an advertising agency with ad space in two major Shanghai Airports, Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport.

As an agency, they wanted to be able to give their clients more options and increase their ad space in these high visibility areas. To do this they would need an architecture that would smoothly integrate with JCDecaux’s existing system while also providing precise advertising scheduling, proof of play, and reporting capabilities for ad selling throughout both airports.  Complicating this, was that the system itself had to run efficiently and be able to handle the thermal load of various display systems.

YCD Multimedia’s experience with digital signage in the Transportation industry is what led JCDecaux to enlist their services in achieving their goals.  Using their digital signage software suite, Cnario, they were able to integrate Cnario’s open architecture and customizable plug-ins to JCDecaux’s current workflow.  Cnario was more than able to provide the necessary functionality JCDecaux needed, it also enabled advertisers to upload & approve ads via the Web, obtain proof of play reports and conduct sales targeted scheduling.

This new system would drive over 200 displays throughout both airports. Some would be in four video walls, one large 64 screen display made of 40 inch high definition screens, and then the rest would be split up between the remaining video wall setups. Not only was Cnario able to give JCDecaux the functionality it needed but it also handled fully synchronizing the high definition content easily, and even allowed content to make timed “jumps” from one display to another. This effect created a highly engaging environment for individuals making their way through the airport.

The results were outstanding. Advertisers were highly impressed with the overwhelming impact the displays had on the passengers, particularly the high definition content and special effects. Marked increases in revenue were seen, and the project was completed in two months, well within JCDecaux’s required window. Ke George, Airport Development Technical Director for JCDecaux Momentum Shanghai Airport Advertising Company Ltd spoke glowingly of YCD Multimedia’s software solution saying, "Cnario has met and surpassed all the requests we needed."