Case Studies


Ralph Lauren was opening a Polo flagship store in New York City and needed a way to attract shoppers in a highly competitive location.

YCD Multimedia's Cnario Digital Signage Suite allowed for the broadcast of relevant content and information to busy shoppers on massive video walls.

Ralph Lauren has been able to attract shoppers with this unique digital signage solution, despite being surrounded by competition.

Iconic Fashion Company Dresses Midtown Store With Digital Signage

A large array of digital signage captures the attention of busy New Yorkers and displays runway fashion content.

Ralph Lauren, an iconic luxury-clothing brand founded in 1967, was opening its first-ever Polo flagship department store on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. This particular store was going to showcase the brand's newly established women's line of clothing, encompassing two of its three floors. With the store opening in a world-famous shopping location, Ralph Lauren needed a way to stand out above the competition and raise awareness about its newest fashion line. 

Located on one of the world's most prized retail shopping streets, finding a way to appeal to active shoppers in a hectic, tourist-heavy environment presented a major challenge. Ralph Lauren hired Dru Whitacre Media Services Ltd. to design, specify and install multi-media units to provide the digital signage necessary to engage their customers. Knowing that a client brand as big as Polo Ralph Lauren would require a robust end-to-end solution, YCD Multimedia and Media Services Worldwide partnered with Sharp and NEC to provide the software and hardware portions of the video arrays. Using YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite, they provided a unique and engaging shopping experience for their customers. 

A number of video walls and professional displays were installed around the flagship store. The feature point of the store was a 3 X 7 video wall comprised of 60" Sharp professional displays. This created an impressive video wall measuring a total of 15' X 35'. Custom pull-out mounts were specially designed to accommodate the massive display. This wall displayed 24/7 video content sporting the latest Polo Ralph Lauren styles and also had the ability to display announcements, special event information and live feeds when necessary. As customers entered the foyer, the speaker system has the ability to be synced to the video wall allowing them to have an immersive shopping experience. 

Shortly before opening, the company's famous founder and designer, Ralph Lauren, came to visit and view the progress. Upon seeing the impressive video wall, he insisted on more video elements to be installed prior to the opening. As a result, additional video walls were installed on the first and third floor behind the checkout stations. This wall showed content aimed at reinforcing the brand and fostering their relationship with shoppers. Real-life scenery and people were shown participating in a number of activities while wearing the store's clothing. Additionally, a Sharp 70" display was installed in the basement-level restaurant and pub for viewings of special sporting events. The display is camouflaged with a mirror when not in use. A Sharp 60" display was also added to the accessories department on the third floor, showcasing women's handbags and accessories in a real-world setting. On top of that, two pipe-mounted 55" NEC 3x1 arrays and several 55" NEC monitors were mounted on easels and pipes throughout the store.

With YCD's Cnario Suite and Media Services Worldwide's video content distribution management and media player monitoring, Ralph Lauren chose to install professional video wall displays in all of its seven newest stores.  They will continue to employ this successful solution globally to give their valued customers a unique and immersive shopping experience.

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