Pizza Hut was looking for a way to entertain and and engage their carry-out customers as they waited for their orders.

YCD presented the perfect solution to keep customers intrigued and amused while decreasing perceived wait time.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled "Hut TV" and "Food Mood" to run seamlessly and build a stronger brand relationship.

YCD Delivers Digital Signage to Pizza Hut Customers

Cnario Suite was used to provide real-time digital signage to Pizza Hut carry-out customers.

Pizza Hut is famed for delivering more than just pizza to its beloved customers. In keeping with their above-and-beyond reputation, Pizza Hut wanted to find a way to build a stronger brand relationship with its carry-out customers and provide an engaging and entertaining environment for those waiting. Founded in 1958, Pizza Hut has stayed atop the competition by repeatedly delivering consistent quality food and unique, cost effective options, like the 'Big Dinner Box.' Pizza Hut, in effort to drive home the point that they are more than just pizza, is transitioning its name to The Hut in some markets. With the new name, they desired a new image that would be customer friendly and further build their brand.

YCD Multimedia partnered with MEC Retail and CBS Outernet to create a unique, one-of-a-kind digital signage solution to meet The Hut's needs. YCD provided full project management and consulting services, in addition to their Cnario Digital Signage Suite, to get the job done. The result was 'Hut TV', a custom television station that streamed entertainment highlights, real-time news, sports and promotional content. Additionally, a second channel was created- 'Food Mood.' The channel displayed a video menu showcasing different meal options in hopes of enticing customers to add-on to their orders. The video is displayed across three screens in the form of a video wall while Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled The Hut to remotely manage over ninety minutes of digital content to meet their daily desires.

The inception of 'Hut TV' and 'Food Mood' marked the transformation of Pizza Hut into a brand that delivers far more than pizza. YCD's technology successfully reduced perceived wait time, kept customers engaged and solidified its brand relationship with fun-facts, trivia and entertainment. 'Hut TV' has been rolled out in 24 locations throughout the Jacksonville and Dallas markets, with additional markets currently under consideration.