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The Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company needed a state-of-the-art situation center to help monitor, organize and manage their large passenger flow.

CROC and YCD Multimedia developed an effective situation center comprised of 73 screens in 9 of Moscow’s railway stations.

Despite the tight deadlines, the situation center was fully completed, installed, and operational by the deadline and provided the monitor, reporting, analysis and content management features the Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company required.

All Aboard! Digital Signage Delivers Whole New Way to Travel

New state-of-the-art situation center for Russia's Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company improves safety and customer service for travelers

Major transportation centers are always busy places with a ton of activity happening all at once.  For Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company, the organization that helps monitor and run Moscow’s Railway system, managing the thousands of passengers every day and being responsible for their safety are two of their key purposes.  

That is why the Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company sought a more streamlined and interactive system to help improve both transportation safety and customer service quality for the people who utilize the railway systems in Russia’s capital.  To do this they would need to create a situation center that would easily monitor, prevent and eliminate service failures and provide passengers with up to the minute information about schedules, delays and emergencies in real time.

 The Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company came up with a brief scope of the project and decided they would need design, installation, and startup assistance in addition to their desire for a customized situation center. With this in mind, they approached CROC and YCD Multimedia to help them build the solution that would best fit their needs.

Working together, CROC and YCD created a system that would provide prompt public addressing, two-way communication, centralized management and comprehensive quality control. This situation center was comprised of 73 displays at 9 railways stations throughout Moscow and the Moscow region.  The entire network infrastructure is capable of being monitored and managed from one single dispatch control room in the headquarters of Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company. This allows the center operators to control content playback on every single display in real time and make dynamic cast schedules in addition to transmitting special pre-defined messages to all or select screens.  Dispatchers also have the ability to co-edit or co-publish information as necessary.

On top of the commuter facing features, the integrated system would also acquire information about the current infrastructure status and passenger service processes while analyzing bulk train movement data or transport infrastructure failures, and calls received by the situation center. All of this provides highly valuable feedback to help correct, improve and monitor customer service processes and efficiency within each of these systems.  Any incidents and calls can be logged both manually and automatically. Analytic subsystems within this system would assist in determining patterns and trends.

 Video surveillance subsystems installed into this situation center allowed video analysts to monitor the streaming video from cameras installed at ticket offices and stations.  It also helped cut down on the number of passengers who would hop toll gates without purchasing tickets. To further increase system efficiency a monitoring subsystem was put into place to track train location and speed using GLONASS sensors, enabling the system to forecast train arrival times.

One of the major challenges in this project was the fact that the entire time line for the project was drastically cut short from one year to only four months due to the World Football Championships coming up in 2018. That meant the entire project had to be designed, installed, tested and operational by the end of that period.  By working very efficiently both CROC and YCD were able to design, implement and start up this situation center by that date without compromising the system’s functionality.

With tight deadlines and a project of very large scope with many necessary parts to integrate in a short amount of time, the system established by CROC and YCD Multimedia for the Central Suburban Passenger Transportation Company is one of the most advanced service solutions in Russia’s transportation industry.  The entire system was created to be turn-key, easily allowing company personnel to complete important tasks, eliminate service failures and provide passengers with updated information about schedules easily in real time.  This project once again underlines the necessity of digital signage in transportation highlighting its incredible organizational, informational and monitoring capabilities.

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