Case Studies


Migros Turk Group was in need of a solution to boost sales and enhance customer interaction at their supermarket and hypermarket stores in Istanbul.

YCD supplied a digital signage solution that caught customers' attention and served as an effective communication platform.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled the digital displays to run a multitude of eye-catching ads with real-time updates.

Turkish Supermarkets Get Digital Signage Makeovers

Cnario Suite was used to supply digital displays with the ability to run marketing campaigns with real-time updates.

Migros Turk Group, a Turkish retail company, controls two of the largest supermarket chains in Turkey. Migros, the leading supermarket, and Macrocenter, a leading hypermarket, both needed a way to attract the attention of customers and inform them of current promotions and sales. YCD has previously worked with many companies, both domestic and international, to provide an array of digital signage options and were able to offer Migros Turk Group a winning solution.

YCD Multimedia, along with their partner Digiboard, assembled a comprehensive digital signage solution to meet all of Migros' needs. Cnario Digital Signage Suite was used to seamlessly stream content to a fleet of digital displays throughout Migros and Macrocenter stores. A total of 562 digital displays were installed in 12 Macrocenter stores and 34 Migros stores in Istanbul. The screens were located in each department of the store including deli, meat, bakery and produce. Lazar Demisulam, CEO of Digiboard, acknowledged that, "We see more and more supermarkets and hypermarkets adopting digital signage as a key communication channel with shoppers." In response, end-cap displays were assembled at the end of each aisle and at point-of-sales as a platform to display current sales and promotions, which enticed shoppers to make impulse purchases.

Migros Turk Group was able to remotely manage all of the content from their headquarters, thus streamlining the process. As a result, a quicker review and approval process was created. Shoppers appreciated the real-time updates, enabled by Cnario Suite, to keep them up to date and informed on the newest promotions.

Yael Elstein, VP of Marketing at YCD Multimedia, explained the benefit that Cnario Suite had on the markets saying, "The digital signage networks at Migros and Macrocenter serve not only as an efficient advertising and promotion platform, but highly enhance the shopper's experience."

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