At-Life, a Singapore-based content provider, was looking to increase the brand awareness for Singapore’s branches of McDonald’s fast food chain.

To do this they wanted to enhance the restaurant ambiance, create a vibrant community of loyal customers while creating a specialized marketing channel that would reinforce brand messages and provide opportunities for increased ad revenue.

YCD Multimedia used their digital signage software suite, Cnario to integrate multiple technologies into one platform and achieved the results At-Life sought.

Putting Customer Engagement On the Menu

YCD Multimedia develops an interactive digital signage based community for McDonald's Singapore

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has one of the most recognizable brand images and messages in the food industry. Founded in 1955, McDonalds quickly spread throughout the U.S. and overseas with locations in hundreds of countries including Singapore. Due to McDonald’s widespread appeal and vast global network of locations, maintaining a consistent brand image and developing customer engagement with the brand has remained a challenge.

At-Life, a Singapore-based content provider, took on the challenge of creating a brand-loyal community based around the McDonald’s brand in Singapore. To do this they wanted to create a special marketing channel that provided a high-definition playback engine, video feed, still images, tickers, live sports events, and provide additional revenue from advertisements. All content would be aimed at engaging more closely with McDonald’s customers in that area and would create a dynamic and interactive environment that would keep customers returning.

To accomplish these goals, At-Life reached out to YCD Multimedia in order to assist them with integrating a software platform capable of running and managing their many needs. Based on its many successes in other food industry applications, YCD Multimedia’s digital signage software suite, Cnario was selected to accomplish these goals.

Working in collaboration with YCD Multimedia and ABI Digital, At-Life deployed a digital signage network comprised of 42 inch displays, and touch screen kiosks. Using Cnario, each of the screens also had integrated SMS, in addition to being able to run high-definition live and pre-recorded content. That enables customers to interact directly with the digital signage by texting in, or using the touch screen kiosks. 

On the technical side of the project, Cnario was used to inexpensively integrate directly into the customers’ workflow which made comprehensive scheduling, monitoring and reporting from a single location very easy. High definition could easily be played back once Cnario was fully integrated into the system and it also economically combined multiple technologies into one easy platform, exactly the way At-Life had requested.

By the time the project was completed all major goals had been met. At-Life’s new installation immediately saw positive results as it successfully promoted their new-targeted content.  The result was a profound increase in brand affinity and the formation of a brand loyal community. This had a ripple effect which led to an increase in revenue from advertising sales and increased product sales. During live reporting events being broadcasted on McDonald’s new system, a 40% increase in sales was documented. Due to its overwhelming success, At-Life used this system again in other restaurant and beauty-salon chains.