The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was looking for a simple way to deliver museum information to their visitors.

YCD Multimedia was enlisted to assist them in designing a simple, easy-to-update user interface in addition to assisting with the physical install of the digital signage.

Cnario provided a drag and drop solution for the LACMA which made updating information in designated zones within the museum very easy.

Creating a Marketing Masterpiece

YCD Multimedia gives the Los Angeles County Museum of Art a digital signage solution that's a work of art

Art aficionados throughout the United States agree that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is one of the greatest art museums along the West Coast of the U.S.  The museum features a number of exhibits from feudal Japanese paintings to modern Dadaist sculptures with exhibits that travel and change all the time, providing a rich cultural experience for nearly a million visitors each year.

Due to the large volume of visitors, LACMA sought to deliver specific, relevant information to their visitors at key zones within the museum including wayfinding information, upcoming exhibits, promotions and other important information.  In order to manage the content for all these distinct zones within the museum, the user interface needed to be simple and easy to use without limiting the functionality of museum’s network of displays.  In addition to all the technical specifications and capabilities needed, LACMA also needed fresh and dynamic content without having to make further investments into post production services.

Based on their needs, LACMA asked YCD Multimedia to assist them in meeting these goals.  To accomplish all of this, YCD Multimedia used their digital signage software suite, Cnario which came with a unique timeline content creation tool which makes it easy to refresh text, content and images without having to change the content template and movement of the content.  This means that even when LACMA would constantly change content, the original graphic template created by the content design company would remain steady, providing professional-looking display at all times, no matter which user was updating the content.  Plus with Cnario’s drag and drop interface, adjusting, changing and uploading content to each of the different zones within the museum was made very easy.

As a result, LACMA was able to provide their visitors with targeted, location-specific information and other dynamic content. The simple user interface made the regular and extensive content changes LACMA needed, simple and easy to accomplish. Not only did this content assist visitors with staying informed about upcoming exhibits and special museum events, it also contributed to creating a highly engaging and unique experience for museum patrons.