Case Studies

Banking & Finance

ING Bank is a Polish bank branch looking for a way to modernize their banking processes and in-branch environment.

YCD Multimedia and collaborator Polish partner, Magit, assisted ING Bank with creating a digital signage solution that would transform the bank's look and feel.

The final 6 display video wall array immediately brought about positive results for ING Bank, by making it easier than ever for them to update their rates, and other bank content.

Making it Modern

ING Bank upgrades the way their customers bank with a little help from YCD Multimedia

ING Bank is a large global financial institution with bank locations in over 40 countries including the U.S. and Poland. With over 52,000 employees, ING Bank is currently ranked a leader in banking strategies from personal banking to large corporate financial solutions.

As ING Bank is a global leader in the financial industry, they sought to provide customers visiting their branches in Poland a more modern banking environment.  Additionally, they hoped to increase the visibility of their bank programs and promotions while simplifying the process of updating their in-branch content.

After weighing a number of options, ING Bank decided to approach YCD Multimedia and their collaborator Polish partner Magit to find a solution. YCD Multimedia  and Magitmet with ING Bank and conducted a full assessment of the banks needs before developing a comprehensive digital signage solution. ING Bank's final decision to proceed with YCD and Magit was precisely because of the incredible reputation of YCD's flagship software platform, Cnario Suite and its ability to exceed their requirments.

Working together with Magit, YCD assisted with designing and installing a custom video wall for ING's pilot bank branch. Using Cnario Suite, this video wall array was capable of providing HD pixel-perfect video and promotional content with seamless better-than-broadcast playback quality.  In addition, two audio areas were also installed inside the twenty-four hour ATM and banking area that fully-synchronized with the digital signage network.  The final touch was a special interactive touchscreen multimedia kiosk installed to create a kid-friendly zone as parents took care of their banking needs.

Due to the confidential nature of the bank's network and IT system, all changes and additions made due to the digital signage solution had to be strictly regulated by the Service Level Agreement.  YCD Multimedia ensured that all aspects of the Cnario Suite platform complied with these regulations.

ING Bank was incredibly satisfied with the result.  The use of Cnario Suite as their digital signage software platform enabled ING Bank to make changes to their content in real-time from one centralized location. The presence of digital signage in the bank branch created a sleek modern ambiance in keeping with the ING image, while seamlessly providing vital information to bank visitors through a highly attractive content template designed by Magit. Together, Magit and YCD Multimedia more than exceeded ING Bank's expectations, providing them with a scalable digital signage solution that was eventually rolled out to all 400 of ING Bank's branch locations.

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