Case Studies


Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot wanted to create an in-store video experience that would lend itself to the elegance and luxury of their watches.

After deep research, Hublot chose Cnario Digital Signage Suite as the engine behind their displays to provide real-time content from one centrally managed location.

The video walls effectively communicated Hublot’s message of elegance bringing many passers-by inside the stores.

Right Time. Right Place.

YCD helped Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot bring new meaning to their motto "The Art of Fusion"

The new videowalls in our stores help us present our watches in a very attractive way. The high quality display creates a magnificent atmosphere that is felt throughout the shopping experience.

Ion Schiau
International Retail Manager of Hublot

Hublot is a prestigious Swiss watchmaker that fuses precious metals and innovative materials into its luxury watches, as a symbol of the synthesis between tradition and future. As a result, the watchmaker has become known for its motto, “The Art of Fusion”.  Hublot is the official watchmaker of Formula1 and the official timekeeper to Manchester United, one of the most popular soccer teams in the world.

As a brand with such prestige, Hublot wanted a dynamic and immersive retail space that would reflect the luxury of their product in each of their 55 stores. They were looking for a multi-screen display that could be synchronized across the globe. Having heard about YCD’s success in retail digital signage, they contacted YCD and decided to use Cnario’s digital signage platform, Cnario Digital Signage Suite.

In order to effectively accomplish Hublots goals for this project, YCD Multimedia enlisted the help of APIA Solutions and Media Services Worldwide, as collaborators. APIA Solutions is a French company that specializes in digital media and interactivity in point-of-sale environments. Media Services Worldwide, a US based company, handled the integration and installation services for this particular project. After discussing their options with YCD and their partners, Hublot decided to go with customized video walls for their retail locations in Paris and New York.

The final video wall at the Paris store was created with 15 screens in a 3x5 matrix of 46” NEC Multisync near borderless monitors. All of the content provided by APIA was powered by Cnario Digital Signage Suite and run on two HP Z800 Workstation/ATI FirePro combinations.

In the New York location, the same video wall size and matrix was installed by Media Services Worldwide and powered by the same HP Z800 workstations powered by Intel Core i7 processor and an AMD graphic card. Cnario was used to fully synchronize Hubolt’s Web TV live streaming, and high-quality synchronized video clips of Hublot’s watches and brand animations.

The final result is a beautiful high-quality display that visually conveys the prestige, elegance and exclusivity of Hubolt’s unique watches.  Ion Schiau, The International Retail Manager of Hublot, expressed his deep satisfaction with the video walls saying, “The new video walls in our stores help us present our watches in a very attractive way. The high quality display creates a magnificent atmosphere that is felt throughout the shopping experience.” The video walls draw in many visitors to enter the shop. Its visibility to the passer-by is key to engaging them right away and is what usually draws them in to the store, making this project a resounding success for both Hublot and YCD Multimedia.

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