Case Studies


FerreroLegno, designer door manufacturer, wanted to create a network of Sales Force Digital Assistants in 100 of their locations throughout the world.

DOOH.IT in collaboration with YCD Multimedia designed an application that would work in partnership with Cnario Suite in order to give FerreroLegno the custom sales process they wanted.

In the end FerreroLegno had fully functional digital sale assistants that allowed customers to browse their digital catalog and see all of the finishes and options available for their products.

YCD Opens New Doors With Digital Signage

FerreroLegno requires YCD's assistance with creating digital sales assistants for their showrooms

Italian designer door manufacturer, FerreroLegno, has been crafting high quality wooden doors for over 60 years. They take great pride in providing their customers with a custom handcrafted door. Due to the fact that their products are so customizable, FerreroLegno wanted to streamline the process of designing and buying the doors for their customers while also giving them full access to their complete catalog.

After considering a number of options FerreroLegno approached YCD Multimedia’s partner, DOOH.IT to create a digital consultant, with an interactive multimedia system. The system would utilize large touchscreens and run a program focused specifically on showcasing FerreroLegno’s digital catalog, providing the customers with the ability to select different door configurations and details, and while also making recommendations based on the customer’s needs or desires.

This presented a unique challenge to YCD and their collaborator, DOOH.IT, because the kind of application necessary to complete all of those requirements had not been invented yet. Undaunted, DOOH.IT  began the task of creating a completely custom application that would be able to handle all of the client’s needs and run on YCD Multimedia’s powerful Digital Signage Software Suite, Cnario.

The scope of this particular project necessitated the use of Cnario because of its incredible flexibility for integrating custom HTML5 applications, which allows it to create a completely customized interactive experience.  Once the custom application from DOOH.IT was completed and married to Cnario’s software, Nexcom PCs were used as the players in order to deliver the content to the 48 inch Samsung displays.

Together, DOOH.IT’s custom application and Cnario were able to transform the product selection and customization into a pleasant and streamlined process with a digital catalog of over 600 products capable of being accessed in real time.  The large Samsung displays also came with touch frame capability which displayed the application and provided customers with highly interactive user interfaces and high resolution images of each product so that even minor details could be seen on the screen easily.

The end result was a highly interactive and practical touchscreen system that beautifully showcased FerreroLegno’s products in high resolution detail. Guests visiting the FerreroLegno showroom were able to use the large digital consultant touchscreens to take them through every step of the retail process including browsing options, learning about details, designing custom doors and even seeing them in a simulated environment.  This system is flexible, allowing FerreroLegno to update their digital catalog quickly and easily while providing crucial, brand reinforcing promotional information to clients immediately. With the ability to create such a specialized and fully immersive customized experience, this digital consultant system definitely reinforces the necessity for digital signage in the retail environment. 

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