Dunkin' Donuts franchisee, Kainos Partners, wanted to find a way to increase sales and expand brand perception in their Buffalo, NY area stores.

YCD was hired to provide a digital signage solution that would both generate increases in the average order size and raise awareness of Dunkin's new healthy menu.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite was used to successfully manage and distribute engaging digital content to meet all of the client's needs.

Dunkin' Donuts Runs on Digital Signage

Cnario Suite enabled Dunkin' Donuts to increase sales and brand awareness through digital signage at pilot stores.

YCD created a program that delivered sales results.

Steve Galloway
President of Kainos Partners

America may run on Dunkin', but when Dunkin' Donuts needs a new and fresh way to reach customers, they lean on YCD and their digital signage solution. Dunkin' Donuts franchisee, Kainos Partners, owns several Buffalo, NY area stores. Their goals were to generate measurable sales increases to prove ROI, increase the average order size through upselling, expand brand perception and raise awareness of the new healthy ‘oven toasted' menu. Dunkin' Donuts rose to fame as a staple breakfast establishment. Since expanding their menu in recent years, one of their biggest challenges is informing their customers that they are no longer just a delicious breakfast spot, rather, an ‘anytime' spot! YCD was able to offer Kainos Partners the perfect solution to meet all of their needs.

YCD Multimedia, working with their partner Technomic, provided Kainos Partners with a digital signage solution that skyrocketed sales in the Buffalo, NY area pilot stores. YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite was used to enable remote, real-time content updates. Each store was equipped with two interactive content zones aimed at impacting both immediate sales and return visits. Existing content media elements from the franchisees were used in order to create cost effective, compelling animated digital content. The kiosks seamlessly displayed varying messages and offers to draw attention to specific products and specials.

Sales at the pilot stores increased by nearly 46% on promoted menu items as a result of the engaging digital signage. Positive customer response and recall was also reported with many patrons claiming, "I didn't know you had pizza." The digital signage succeeded in raising awareness of Dunkin' Donut's less-known menu items and often resulted in a larger order size. Steve Galloway, Kainos Partners President, commended YCD saying, "YCD created a program that delivered sales results. The screens reduce reliance on sales associates, while maintaining complete control over promotions in store."