Case Studies


Diesel needed a sharp, state-of-the art way to showcase their fashion line.

To meet this need YCD designed, installed and provided CMS for the YCD Player and a fully synchronized audio system to accompany it.

Diesel provided content that featured supermodels wearing the latest Diesel fashion and the latest promotions while strengthening their brand awareness.

Sleek, Chic, And Unique Digital Signage For the Fashion Forward

YCD WOWs Diesel customers with super-size model displays

The video wall at Diesel’s flagship store creates an ambient shopping experience that keeps the customer engaged while also strengthening the brand message.

Daniele Minestrini
Head of Interior Design Department in New York City

Diesel is a fashion design company based in Italy and best known for its hip, luxurious clothing for young adults. Due to Diesel’s hip and trendy persona, it’s absolutely essential to stay “ahead of the curve” technologically and appeal to their stylish young clientele.

As a result, they were looking to adopt digital elements into their flagship retail location on 5th Avenue in New York City. Having worked with YCD Multimedia previously on a video wall project for their fashion show and company headquarters Diesel felt that YCD would be the best source for solid suggestions on how to add a little fashionable flair to their retail space.

YCD recommended the YCD Player, a high impact solution designed to manage and control digital marketing elements easily. It was perfect to help showcase Diesel’s newest collections and campaigns in a dynamic and highly engaging way while meeting their exact content requirements.

Together with Diesel, YCD installed a large 2X3 video wall, comprised of 46” NEC displays in a highly visible area within the store. This not only created a striking visual focal point in the space but it also managed the flow of in-store traffic.  YCD Player displayed provocative digital content featuring supermodels wearing the latest Diesel collections. The content helped create brand associations that heightened brand awareness while also showcasing promotions. In addition to the digital displays, YCD also incorporated fully synchronized high impact audio into their video wall setup.

Daniele Minestrini, the Head of Diesel’s interior design department was thrilled with how YCD Player enhanced their content, saying, “The video wall at Diesel's flagship store creates an ambient shopping experience that keeps the customer engaged, while also strengthening the brand message. It's obvious that dynamic video content with high graphical quality resonates more with a customer than traditional print signage, and therefore digital signage is the best means of high-impact communications with shoppers.”

YCD’s second task in addition to the video wall install was to optimize and configure Diesel’s content. The creative services team at YCD was key in completing this task so that the content would be ready to use with YCD’s Player Platform, a cloud-based content management system.  This CMS would allow Diesel to directly manage content updates like new seasonal campaigns, or product promotions.  In addition to running the content on the video wall, the CMS was also set up to control another single-screen way-finding display located at the entrance to the retail location so that incoming customers could navigate the store to locate specific merchandise easily.

After the install for their one flagship location was complete Diesel was so happy with the look of their digital signage that they have installed two other video walls at Diesel’s locations in San Francisco and their second headquarters in NYC.

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