Coca-Cola’s Lounge at Cine Europe is designed to highlight the latest trends in digital signage collaborates with leaders in the digital signage industry to create a fully immersive theater lobby environment.

In collaboration with Intel, LittleBit Technology, NEC (Europe), and Coca-Cola, YCD Multimedia assisted in creating the Coca-Cola Lounge for the CineEurope Trade Show which featured a number of interactive digital signage elements.

As a result the Coca-Cola Lounge was the highlight of the CineEurope Trade Show and effectively created a bright and highly-engaging theater environment.

Discovering Cinema Magic With Digital Signage

YCD Multimedia's Lounge for the CineEurope Trade Show makes movie going magical

Thanks to this strong collaboration we can showcase to our cinema customers some great ideas on how we can collaborate together.

Jean Cristophe
The Coca-Cola Company

CineEurope’s Trade Show is the hot spot for anyone looking to see the latest trends in everything related to cinema applications for cinema environments. The jewel in the CineEurope crown is the enormous Coca-Cola Lounge exhibit that takes up almost 16 normal-sized booths.  The Coca-Cola lounge is not just about being large and expansive; it is also one of the most exciting exhibits of the entire trade show. 

Each year, designers are tasked with creating a completely new exhibit that is visually appealing and showcases some of the most exciting advancements available in cinema design, technology and amenities..  To do this Coca-Cola seeks out some of the most well –respected experts in the digital signage industry.  Based on YCD Multimedia’s experience with creating an interactive theater environment Coca-Cola selected them and their partners Littlebit Technology, Intel, and NEC (Europe) to create the 2015 Coca-Cola Lounge for CineEurope this year.

Littlebit Technology handled most of the project management aspects of this project while, NEC furnished the lounge with their high-quality displays.  Intel provided the computer systems while the entire lounge was synchronized and run using YCD Multimedia’s Cnario Digital Software Suite.  When everything was brought together it created an absolutely stunning and completely unique cinema environment.

A number of special elements made the 2015 Coca-Cola Lounge distinct.  From the moment trade show attendees walked into the lounge they were immediately met with interactive digital signage screens that responded to attendees dancing or moving in front of them.  Throughout the rest of the Coca-Cola lounge 2 60 inch NEC displays, another 63 displays in varying sizes, 21 media players, and 13 computers including six customized computer systems were networked together to create one cohesive synchronized environment.  These elements showcased new and exciting advancements in digital signage for theater environments.

Some of those elements included digital movie posters, digital menu boards, self –serve kiosks, an interactive gaming area, a ribbon of 16 NEC displays that played movie trailers and other timed promotional content, miscellaneous concession area signage, screens that displayed movie show times over the box office, enabled placing concession orders via smartphone and even signage in a special adult luxury bar area.  In short, the entire lounge had numerous specialized digital signage elements, many of which had additional interactive capabilities. Attendees spending time in the Coca-Cola Lounge could win coupons for concession products by linking up their phones with the digital signage display gaming systems.

Over the last few decades, the movie-going experience has seen some minor changes but overall, the theater experience was always more about getting into the theater to see a film than making the whole theater an environment for people to hang out in. The overall message that Coca-Cola, YCD Multimedia and their collaborators wanted to communicate with the Coca-Cola Lounge, was that with digital signage every part of the cinema, from the theater to the lobby itself could be transformed to create a fully interactive and immersive environment for customers. By utilizing digital signage the theater lobby could now reinforce membership rewards, increase customer dwell time in high revenue areas like the concession stand and box office and keep promotional content fresh and exciting while also providing move-goers with a fun, memorable experience.   Not only did the 2015 Coca-Cola Lounge accurately capture all of those elements, it also introduced new possibilities for cinema owners to consider and solidified digital signage as the next big thing needed in the modern cinema. 

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