Burger King wanted a way to create an impactful and immersive customer experience at their ‘Whopper Bar' flagship location in New York's Times Square.

YCD provided the software to display branding and promotional content to inform their customers of the restaurant's unique menu items.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite was able to deliver a series of remotely managed videos directly to the customers to promote new products and enhance consumer-brand relationships.

YCD Crowns Burger King's Whopper Bar with Digital Signage

Promotional content is remotely managed and seamlessly delivered to Whopper Bar customers via Cnario Digital Signage Suite.

Burger King's motto "Have it Your Way" comes to life in the form of their newest restaurant concept, the Whopper Bar. The Whopper Bar allows consumers to customize their very own Whopper sandwich with over twenty choices of toppings. Their goal was to deliver a premium dining experience, enhanced by their choice of crisp and modern décor. The flagship location opened in New York's Times Square in the Summer of 2010 and joined various other domestic and international locations. Burger King wished to create a custom, impactful customer experience that would leave visitors immersed in the Burger King brand. Standing out in one of the busiest cities in the world was no easy task, but they trusted YCD Multimedia to get the job done.

YCD and the Burger King creative teams worked diligently to develop a digital signage solution that could meet all of their needs. YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled the content to run seamlessly, delivering product awareness and promoting sales. A series of vibrant promotional videos were created featuring the Whopper Bar's unique menu offerings with a royal flare, fit for the King himself. Promotions were remotely-managed and scheduled to vary day-by-day keeping content new and fresh. YCD provided software to display branding and product promotional content presented on 15" digital displays located at the point of sale. The displays were each durable and easy-to-clean thus guaranteeing endurance in a 24-hour restaurant.

YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite has been proven to induce product awareness and promote sales. By placing the solution at the customer's point of sale, images and information may influence their decision to add on to their order. The flagship location received positive feedback further supporting the decision expand Whopper Bar locations.