Burger King joined the established Russian fast food market in 2010 and needed a way to stand out and attract a following.

YCD gave Burger King the ability to display promotional content and give customers a digital experience unlike other restaurants.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite was able to provide remotely managed content that could be tailored to each individual location to yield desired results.

YCD Shares Burger King's Unique Flair with Russia

Cnario Digital Signage Suite delivers remotely managed digital content to Russian Burger King restaurants.

Burger King brought their motto, "Have it Your Way", to Russia's already established fast food market in 2010. With locations in over thirty Russian cities, they needed a way to stand out amongst the abundance of competition and develop a relationship with the customer base. Burger King desired a unique, digital marketing approach to enhance brand recognition and attract a new following. Standing out in an already saturated market was not easy, but YCD Multimedia offered the perfect solution to do just that.

YCD Multimedia, with their partner IncrediTechs, revealed a way to develop a digital signage solution to meet Burger King's needs. YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled Burger King to utilize digital menu boards, checkout monitor systems and promotional display systems. The digital menu board system, comprised of 42" LCD monitors, displayed not only menu options but additional content that could be adjusted based on time of day, week or season to keep information fresh and focused. Checkout monitor systems presented marketing campaigns and promoted additional products at the point of sale based on what products were purchased. They even boasted an array of audio and video content which was broadcasted throughout restaurants to entertain younger visitors, all of which was adjustable including volume, schedule and playlists.

Additionally, promotional display systems were installed behind windows to broadcast content to passing visitors that would attract traffic into the restaurant and gain new customers. Marketing campaigns and promotional offers are clearly displayed for all to see, enticing guests to come inside and experience Burger King for themselves.

What made this technology so valuable was its ability to be remotely managed from one location enabling each location to seamlessly stream new content with the push of a button.

YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite attracted an abundance of visitors into Russia's Burger King restaurants and increased brand awareness. Uri Shmueli, Director of Operations, ROW at YCD Multimedia, acknowledged the benefit of Cnario Suite saying, "By using the full spectrum of YCD digital media solutions our partners can offer a complete solution which allows their customers to take advantage of technology and maximize efficiency." He goes on to explain that YCD has helped Burger King restaurants by, "enhancing their product promotions, creating brand exposure and increasing client/customer communication through interactivity."

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