Case Studies


During some renovations at Bobbi Brown’s location in New York City’s Bloomingdales, Bobbi Brown sought to improve customer experience by incorporating new elements into its store-in-store cosmetic counter.

YCD Multimedia designed a digital signage solution that would drive more customer traffic to the store, reinforce their brand identity, grow their customer base and inform in-store customers about Bobbi Brown’s products at point of sale locations.

The launch of Bobbi Brown’s digital merchandising experience was so successful that they have since rolled out the same solution to an additional 44 stores throughout the U.S.

Bobbi Brown Gets A Makeover With Digital Signage

New video wall installed by YCD Multimedia empowers customers' in-store experience

YCD Multimedia really understood our overall goals and worked to create a solution that is specific to our spaces and our brand and a solution that will have the longevity to grow and expand as we do.

Leo Mascotte
Vice President of Creative Services for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

No one understands the power of appearance better than Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. With its first appearance in 1991, Bobbi Brown has become one of the foremost names in the high-end global cosmetic market. After Estee Lauder acquired Bobbi Brown in 1995, its growth exploded making Bobbi Brown products available in over 850 stores in over 50 countries across the globe.

During some renovations to Bobbi Brown’s flagship location in New York City’s Bloomingdales, it was decided that additional improvements needed to be made to the location’s store-in-store cosmetics counter. The solution would have to meet a number of needs including driving consumer traffic, increasing customer base, assist shoppers in making purchasing decisions, and providing relevant information about the Bobbi Brown brand easily and effectively.

In light of all these needs, Bobbi Brown decided that digital signage would be an excellent way to accomplish them. Due to their previous successes with other retail clients, YCD Multimedia was asked to spearhead the design and installation of the digital signage. 

YCD designed a 9 screen (3-by-3 matrix) video wall to be the focal point of the installation. The video wall would use YCD Multimedia’s Cnario digital signage software suite, to fully-synchronize and display exclusive seasonal videos, product promotional footage, and custom displays in high definition pixel perfect quality. Additionally, two 32 inch high definition interactive displays that utilized touchscreen technology were incorporated into Bobbi Brown’s product tester display unit. This offers customers the ability to select a cosmetic product category from icons on the touch screen and receive additional, detailed information on the cosmetic of their choice as well as suggested complementary products. After receiving the information on the products they’re interested in, customers can then try out those products in-store at the tester display right next to the signage.

As a little extra touch, YCD Multimedia customized background music that supports and reinforces Bobbi Brown’s brand image while also appealing to their target demographic.  YCD’s Cnario digital signage suite also made it possible for Bobbi Brown to centrally manage and control the content displayed at various locations. This allows Bobbi Brown to maintain brand consistency, and also allows them to give local branches the ability to update their own content to respond to specific location-based events in real time.

Throughout the entire process YCD Multimedia provided comprehensive service that went above and beyond just designing and installing the digital signage. This included project management services, content creation services, and sourcing and managing the installation of displays and hardware. Bobbi Brown received full support from YCD Multimedia from initial strategy to final installation.

This A to Z approach reaped major rewards for Bobbi Brown. Following the completion of the project they saw so much success from the addition of the digital signage that they rolled out YCD’s solution to an additional 44 store locations throughout the United States.  Leo Mascotte, Vice President of Creative Services for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics spoke glowingly about the project’s results saying, "YCD Multimedia really understood our overall goals and worked to create a solution that is specific to our spaces and our brand, and a solution that will have the longevity to grow and expand as we do."