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YCD Multimedia | Digital Signage and Video Wall Solutions

Retail Advertising and
Merchandising Platform

With YCD|RAMP marketing campaigns can be created, customized and distributed in real-time. Promotions can be customized to the store level, or personalized to a specific customer based on a shopper profile. The campaign’s impact can be continuously measured allowing for optimization in real-time. YCD|RAMP – the only platform that is committed to deliver best performance for in-store marketing.

Integrated Management of
In-store media in real-time

Web based solution with preset templates allowing organizations to easily manage their digital signage campaigns in their branches

Signage solution agnostic. RAMP has Multi location campaign management - allowing targeting specific crowds while keeping a simple UI, Slots hierarchy, assuring the uniformity of the marketing message, Support for day and week parting,

Flexible permissions, enabling the corporate to control the level of impact the local user have along with Approval mechanism.