Israel's Orange Selects Cnario's Digital Signage Platform for New Concept Shops Network

Tel Aviv, Israel - September 29, 2009. Cnario, a global provider of digital signage software products and solutions, today announced that Israel’s Orange cellular company has selected Cnario’s digital signage platform for Orange’s new experience shops (concept shops). Cnario’s platform manages interactive digital screens displaying Orange’s portfolio, including cellular communications, landline communications, Internet, etc. In addition, the screens display content from Israel’s Orange entertainment website – Orange Time. The interactive screens enable also to enter various Orange applications and experience the use of these applications. With the advanced digital display, visiting the shops becomes an impressive experience.

In addition to the screens displaying Orange’s portfolio, Cnario’s digital signage platform manages smaller (7-inch) screens, displaying information about cellular phones located above the screen. The ability to update the screens immediately with relevant content while the phones are being changed saves time. In addition – the use of digital content attracts visitor attention and is more prominent than using printed content.

Israel’s Orange new concept shops network will include an array of shops nationwide, with a number already in operation. Cnario’s digital signage platform will enable Orange to remotely and centrally manage all displays at the shops.

“Cnario’s digital signage platform enables Orange to increase client experience, presenting the client with Orange’s range of products and services in a very attractive and focused way,” said Erez Paz, Vice President, Marketing and Content, Orange Israel. “The digital displays are part of the innovative and exciting design of the new shops, which are an additional step of our service.”

“Orange is leading the way in service and in increasing client experience, and is doing it with various means and by integrating innovation and creativity,” said Yael Elstein, Vice President Marketing, Cnario. “Integrating digital displays in shops is a milestone in delivering messages by visual effects, integrating real-time updated information and managing content from one center. Cnario will apply to the concept shops its cumulative experience from hundreds of clients worldwide, including Club Med in France, McDonald’s restaurant networks in Singapore, Armani and Nike shops in the US, airports in the US and China, and many others.”

Cnario’s platform operating the state-of-the-art digital displays is Cnario Messenger, developed by Cnario – unique software for management, command and control of complex video and multimedia displays on many screens, while synchronizing between the screens. The content being presented can be controlled and selected according to the target audience at the venue.

Using Cnario Messenger software significantly improves user experience. In addition to optimal delivery of visual information, the platform (together with another solution called Cnario Advertiser) makes it possible to manage advertising campaigns optimally, based on digital displays.

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