HB Communications
60 Dodge Avenue
North Haven, CT 06473
United States

HB Communications

At HB, we believe the reason we exist is to help connect people in the most powerful way. For nearly 7 decades we have dedicated our lives to keeping up with the rapid pace of audiovisual communications technologies. Along the way, we have learned that while understanding technology is important, the value of clear communication is essential. We have made it our mission to make sure we not only understand the technologies but also how we can apply them to help organizations foster a more engaging culture of communication. We believe in the transformational power of audiovisual communication technologies. Our intention is that we do something good for the world along the way.

HB’s mission is to help organizations tackle some of the largest digital transformation and communication challenges presented in today's business environment. To solve these problems for our clients we work with them to design strategies and communication environments that help with the digital evolution of their companies.

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