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Digital Signage That Makes the Grade

More than anything, digital signage connects the viewer with knowledge, which makes it the natural choice for applications in educational & on-campus facilities. Integrate social feeds in a student welcome center or in your arena for the big game. Communicate upcoming activities campus wide or provide details in an emergency. These are just some of the applications a digital signage system can provide to students, faculty and visitors to ensure messages are received and remembered.

We can help you integrate interactive social media applications or live feeds to provide a high quality digital signage network that allows you to stream HD live broadcast content. That includes distance learning content, motivational content, moderated twitter feeds, basically, whatever you feel your students, faculty and administrators will find useful. At YCD Multimedia, we can get your information out there on your own digital signage network easily.

Are You Looking To

Establish a campus or facility wide communication system capable of getting vital informational content to students and faculty?

Integrate interactive social media applications designed to actively engage with the student body?

Provide a network that can stream live and pre-recorded content that can be accessed or broadcast to students both on and off campus?

Create a dynamic learning environment and athletic functions with engaging content designed to build an academic community and school spirit?

How YCD Can Help

  • Design a scalable digital signage network that grows with your needs
  • Install a powerful playback engine capable of broadcasting both streaming and pre-recorded content in high-definition
  • Combine custom patches and platforms with our flagship product, Cnario, to create interactive social media based digital signage experiences
  • Create a digital signage network that is engaging, dynamic and immersive, providing informational, wayfinding, academic, and motivational content for students, administrators and faculty

Did You Know?

No studying needed! 83% of people can recall at least one piece of content from a digital signage ad up to 30 days after they see it. This makes the recall rate for digital signage higher than any form of traditional media. This makes displaying announcements, timetables, and emergency information easy and practical for educational institutions.

YCD Gets The Job Done

What You Can Expect

  • The Bauman Moscow State Technical University used 13 plasma displays to explain faculty activities and keep visitors and students in the know about ongoing research
  • The Yale School of Management building features three floors of digital signage for the students, faculty, and visitors
  • The University of Deusto utilized 13 screens on their Bilbao campus to display information about campus events, weather, sports, general news, emergency alerts and public safety information